Top 5 Tips To Take Care Of Your Lawn


You are fortunate to have a garden and to be able to enjoy this outdoor space in summer and winter. But to make it even more enjoyable, you must take care of your lawn all year. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn about 5 of our most helpful tips for caring for your lawn.

1. Mow your lawn properly


The most important part of having a beautiful lawn is proper mowing. And for you to enjoy a beautiful lawn, it is advisable to mow little but regularly rather than cutting everything in one go. If you have the possibility, the ideal is to mow every week or every two weeks. But be careful; this does not mean that you should cut your lawn too short. On the contrary! The shorter your grass is, the more noticeable the blemishes are.

Moreover, short grass is more quickly exposed to the sun and its dangers. It will dry out and turn yellow. To have a green lawn, you should keep the height between 8 and 10 centimeters. This will give you two additional benefits. First, you will save water when watering your lawn since a short lawn does not need much water. On the other hand, you will avoid harmful insects settling on your lawn and especially the appearance of weeds.

2. Controlling watering

The secret to having a beautiful lawn is to control watering. Indeed, this one should not be done randomly. It will allow you to green up and develop your lawn. You should water your lawn about once a week, preferably in the evening or morning. If you have just planted your lawn, you must water it daily. The soil should be kept moist. Remember to take into account any restrictions imposed by your city or region, especially during periods of drought.

3. Feed the lawn with fertilizer


To care for your lawn, you need to provide it with all the nutrients it needs. Feed your lawn with fertilizer. You’ll need to fertilize twice a year. The first one in February or March to get a green lawn. The second one is in the fall, so your lawn can benefit from good growth.

You can make natural fertilizers to fertilize your lawn with egg shells or coffee grounds, for example. Do not collect the cut grass; leave it on the spot and scatter it over your lawn. The grass clippings will add nitrogen to your soil and enrich it completely naturally. And you’ll save almost a third of the fertilizer.

4. Remove moss and weeds

To have a beautiful lawn, you’re going to have to remove weeds and moss. It’s essential to remove everything. You can use hot salt water to scald the weeds and make them easier to pull. When pulling weeds, be sure to remove the roots. Wood ash works very well against moss. You need to leave it on for a few days.

You should also scarify your lawn twice a year, in the spring and fall. This means that you will have to remove the stagnant dead grass in your soil. This will give your lawn a facelift and allow it to breathe better. If pests are attacking your lawn, you need to do everything you can to eliminate them. You can use insecticide or aromatic plants like sage, mint, or thyme. For rodents, you can install traps.

5. Fill in the gaps


This is not a big deal, but it can be unsightly on your lawn as a whole. Even if you take good care of your lawn, holes may form in some areas. As a first step, you will need to seed grass to fill the holes. Then rake your soil with a little potting soil and use a roller to pack the soil. All that’s left is to water more carefully in those specific areas as if they were your first seedlings.

By following these tips, you should quickly find harmony. If your lawn is damaged, you must react as soon as possible. You will no longer be able to say that your neighbor’s grass is greener than yours! To have a beautiful lawn, you must take care of it all year long. Some natural solutions will allow you to keep insects away, nourish your soil, and enrich it.

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