4 Tips For Growing Your Lawn


Every nature lover dreams of having a flowering garden with a beautiful green lawn to enjoy on hot days. The good news is that getting a healthy lawn is not a very complex gardening job; it just takes willpower, a little patience, and good planning. Planning to plant a new lawn? You’ve come to the right place.

Growing grass in your garden will delight not only your children but all members of the family, including your pets. Like any planting, there are steps to follow and techniques to adopt. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of our best tips to help you grow a lawn as quickly as possible!

Determine the growth time


Before you do anything, it’s important to know how long it takes for the first shoots of grass to appear from the ground. Only then can you move on to the most effective tips and techniques for growing grass in your garden. To find out how long it will take to grow, you need to consider several important factors, including:

    • The environment and soil type
    • The climate of the region
    • The temperature outside at night and during the day
    • The environment where you live
    • The season to choose for seeding.

Starting to grow grass

To begin, you must turn over the soil, but not during any season! This operation should be done in the fall. When summer comes, quickly prepare the soil and then sow the grass. However, don’t forget to aerate the soil before sowing. These tasks should be completed in one day.

The equipment needed to turn the soil

To turn over the soil in less than two hours, you need a rototiller or tiller. According to experts, the electric model is the most recommended because it is effective for gardens and small areas. The electric tiller has a width of almost 40 cm and a depth of more than 20 cm. This makes it the best device to help grow grass during the summer. You can find different models of tillers from professionals in this field.

Leveling the ground to receive the seeds


This step consists in leveling the ground before sowing the grass. To achieve this task, you must use a rake. But it is also an opportunity to eliminate rocks that hinder good aeration and weeds that grow on the soil to be worked.

Stabilize the ground before seeding the lawn

Stabilizing the soil is extremely important because it makes the grass’s growth easier. It also allows one to obtain a beautiful surface ready to receive a beautiful lawn. But to achieve this, the use of a roller is imperative. The roller to be used is one that has a sand and water filling, a width of more than 55 cm, and is made of metal. Nevertheless, you should not wait too long before laying the lawn because heavy rain can ravage the surface of the ground.

Choosing the right fertilizer

The placement of fertilizer in the soil is beneficial for the growth of grass. But for this, it is always necessary to water it well so that it can do its job: that of nourishing the earth. But fertilizer should not be chosen at random! It is recommended to choose a very good quality one. It is also important to use it in the fall and spring, as it helps the grass to develop. This will also protect the lawn during the winter period.

Sowing the lawn


To sow the grass in the ready soil, simply:

    • Sow the natural grass seeds on the soil;
    • Make sure the seeds are in contact with the soil (using a roller).

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