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Flower Trends For 2022

We can say for sure about this year’s weddings that planning has become more deliberate than it has ever been. The same sentiment may be used in selecting bridal flowers. Like so many other sectors, flowers were severely impacted by the year 2020. As the demand for flowers decreased, farmers devised changes to ensure that their crops were not thrown away. As a result, 2022 may continue to be a pivotal year, with you and your florist collaborating to discover the ideal fit for your big day.

This is why working closely with a florist is more crucial than ever because they know so much about what blooms are in season, which ones are more expensive, and which ones match best with your location. Not only will they assist you in creating a stunning design, but you’ll also get direct access to a highly educated expert that is available and happy to assist you at all times.

In 2022, couples are becoming even more creative, abandoning convention favouring more innovative wedding ideas. Couples want to be wowed. They want visitors to stroll inside the venue and be blown away. Clients’ most common request is for this.

Bright and Bold

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The epidemic has changed our concept of marriage; brides no longer seek minimalism but rather bright and vibrant hues. While pastel colours will always be popular, this year’s brides desire blossoms that are more vibrant and vivid. This will dispel the melancholy overtones of the epidemic and usher in pleasure and gladness.

I believe that couples are willing to abandon gentler, typical colour schemes in favour of allowing their designers to create something truly distinctive. People are more open to options now, which is an exciting aspect of getting married.

A Lot Of Texture

Couples are more accepting than ever of a wider selection of blossoms in their floral arrangements. Clients prefer textured blooms over roses. They’re receptive to a lot more than the two-piece Hydrangea rose special, such heavy foliage, floral constructions, and a lot more variation. The floral trend that excites me the most is blending strong and delicate flower colours and textures, which will look like a unique edge.

Organic Arrangements

Couples are embracing their organic form, which is a fantastic analogue to how they’ve had to change their expectations of what their wedding would look like over the previous few years. Flowers don’t always bloom into the exact shape as intended, but couples are enjoying their organic shape.

I adore naturally placed flower centrepieces on tables that give the space an aesthetic feel.

Dramatic Designs

There is no middle ground here; either go big or go home. No, but honestly, bold decorations are the way to go for your wedding. It’s all about being the first and going big on a tight budget. Dramatic floral patterns, floral arches of all shapes and sizes, exquisite cascading flowers, floral borders that blend diverse colours and textures, suspended abstract designs, floral ceilings, and floral chandeliers are some of the most popular floral styles.


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Blooms don’t have to be displayed alone; in fact, using other décor pieces such as candles or various containers elevates any floral design. On the estate tables, there were many arrangements with a combination of towering candles, low compote vases, and bud vases arranged in the center of the tables with minimal chargers and gold silverware.

One of my favourite floral arrangements is centrepieces. It will complete your floral arrangements and give everything a more pleasing appearance.

Ceremony Arches 

Couples are getting more inventive with their ceremony backgrounds than ever before. Gone are the days of tying the knot in front of a simple floral arch. Pipe and drape or a gold hoop were popular in the past, but now clients want custom-built steel structures, which allow flower designers to build their floral in modern and innovative ways.

Flowers are used in more than one way now. Most weddings have theirs does of flowers from backdrop to centrepieces and bouquets. If ever you are planning your wedding or only want to read about flowers, let us know in the comments your views about the different ways of using flowers in a wedding…

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