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Treating Fruit Trees: When Do Pests Attack Fruit Trees

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Do you have fruit trees in your garden and awaiting a happy fruit harvest? You will agree that you have to care for and treat your fruit trees for a better yield. Unfortunately, the bitter truth is that your fruit trees may be prone to diseases; pests such as aphids and mealybugs are harmful to the development of fruit trees and do not allow for healthy and quality fruits as they rot them. Do you need help with your trees? This post will tell you why to treat fruit trees, when do pests attack fruit trees and when and how to treat fruit trees

Treating fruit trees: when do pests attack fruit trees?

Fruit Trees

It is essential to know the dates of pests attacks to treat fruit trees effectively, knowing that prevention is better than cure.

Fruit trees

Attack dates



July and August

Cherry maggot renders fruit unconsumable by rotting

Apple tree

April to October

The ash aphid makes the leaves yellow. It deforms the branches and the fruits.


June and July

The plum pest causes the fall of fruits that have just formed.

Quince tree

June to August

The codling moth enters inside the fruit making it unconsumable.

Peach, apricot

April to July

The green peach aphid attacks the young shoots by deforming and discoloring them.

Pear tree

June to August

As for quince, the codling moth enters inside the fruit making it unconsumable.


April to October

It is mainly the powdery mildew that covers the leaves with a white felt and then the bunches.

Other parasites also attack fruit trees such as zeuzers or buprestes as well as scale insects.

When and how to treat fruit trees?

Treating Fruit Trees

Treatments of fruit trees are done in winter because the parasites overwinter on the branches of the trees or in the soil.

The main goal will be to eliminate them from the bark of the tree, that is to say: the parasites, but also the eggs or larvae.

To do this, you will use products based:

– white oil (mineral), which have insecticidal properties,

– tree white (based on quicklime),

– Bordeaux mixture (copper and lime).

Your tree expert can brush the trunk and branches with these different products.

These treatments or natural substances are to be preferred to chemical products.

Other effective treatments

You can use other effective treatments such as:

– Sex pheromone traps on which adult codling moths stick. Count on one trap for 3 or 4 trees. Effectiveness about 1 month.

– The yellow chromatic trap against the cherry fruit fly or blue for thrips. It should be placed at ground level and in a sunny place.

– Glue strips installed on the trunks are very effective against ants.

– Natural insecticides such as Castile Soap, in the form of sprays, effectively destroy aphids.

Birds are also predators for your fruit trees. It will help if you place nets.

Hope this post has been able to tell you about the effective treatments for fruit trees. Please remember to share your comments and opinion in the section below. Also, please do not hesitate to jot down your request to read on a more specific topic and we promise to get back to you with as much essential information as needed.

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