How to Remove a Stump


– Methods to remove a stump

– Prepare the stump

– Proceeding with mechanical extraction

– Remove a stump through chemical decomposition

– Use a natural method

You have cut down a tree, but the stump emerges from the ground, well-rooted in the middle of the lawn. You’d like to clear the area and stop bumping into it with your lawnmower. Three solutions to get rid of it:

– Mechanical extraction, which is entirely ecological. This method requires a particular and expensive tool (available for rent, however).

– Chemical decomposition which has the power to devitalise the stump.

– Natural ways which are inexpensive and entirely ecological. However, these methods require patience.

Here are the steps and materials needed to remove a troublesome stump successfully.

Methods to remove a stump

The roots of a tree are usually numerous and profound. Depending on the importance of the stump, you can:

– Proceed to mechanical extraction, which will require a unique tool:

– a manual pull operated by a lever, with chains or cables;

– an excavator usually provided by tree removal professionals;

– an animal traction, if you have a strong one!

– the chemical method; you have the choice between several chemical agents (but even registered, they remain toxic), choose sodium chlorate instead. This method usually takes several months.

– Trust the action of time and nature and wait.

In the first two cases, strain preparation is necessary.

– Prepare the strain—Using a pickaxe, dig around the stump to clear it as much as possible.

– Chop off all the primary roots from the trunk.

Mechanical extraction


– Choose a stable anchoring point: the easiest way is to use another tree.

– Surround the stump with a chain and close it with a shackle.

– Belt the stump with another chain and place it as low as possible.

– Join the two chains together using the pull cord.

– Maneuver the puller tool by acting on the lever; allow the chains to tighten, the pulling force should pull out the stump.

Tip: you can use a car if there is no tree nearby.

Remove a stump using chemical decomposition


Before you start chemically decomposing a stump, make sure that neither children nor pets can get nearby.

– Drill about 1 hole every 10-15 cm to a depth of 20-25 cm.

– Pour sodium chlorate into the hole.

– Seal each hole tightly with a cork.

Using a natural method

Ecological and very economical methods exist to get rid of a stump. If you are not in a hurry to destroy the stump, you can let nature do the work for you:

– Put some black plastic over the stump so that the light does not pass through.

– Leave mushrooms, worms and the rest to act…

– Wait and wait some more; it will eventually soften.

– Then use the pickaxe to destroy it.

Bet on garlic

– Like the chemical decomposition method above, drill about 1 hole every 10-15 cm to a depth of 20-25 cm.

– Insert garlic in each hole.

– Cover the holes with earth, preferably clay, the garlic will accelerate the wood’s putrefaction.

– Leave to rotten for 2 to 3 years and that’s it.

Material to remove a stump

Chains with shackle
Sodium chlorate
Gardening Gloves
Drilling machine
Garbage bag
Puller tool

Hope the above helps you to remove the stump in your garden. In case of difficulty and you need help, please contact Tiley’s Tree Services throughout Melbourne’s Eastern and South Eastern suburbs.

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