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7 Perennials Worth Growing in Any Garden

No matter what your climate zone is, you’ll likely have a choice of a hundred heat-, sun- and drought-resistant perennials. In some places near the equator, where this type of climate is the norm every day of the year, plants are more used to this constant heat.

But in other places, where the climate changes more drastically and the winters are much colder, not all perennials can withstand these droughts and the summer sun. The good news is that there are species that not only survive, but thrive when the sunny seasons arrive, even in these radical climates. Curious to know what are these flowers? In this article, we are here to talk about these perennials! Enjoy the discovery.


Well-known around the world, the rosemary is a perennial and very fragrant plant. It is widely used to season dishes, but it is also very good for decorating the garden. Planted in the right place and in the right sun, this plant produces small pink, purple, white or blue flowers. In very cold climates, it is best to keep them in pots to bring them into the house when the winter frosts begin.


Lavender produces one of the most aromatic and beautiful flowers on the planet. Not only is it ideal for planting and coloring the garden, it is also an easy plant to grow and tolerates sun and drought well. It also appreciates well-drained soils, i.e. soils that do not accumulate excess water. Soils saturated with mature organic matter or compost also favor it.


Sedum, also known as Stonecrop, is referred to as a kind of plant that probably contains more than 600 species. The variety of shapes and colors is enormous. These plants can withstand sun and drought because their leaves are succulent, so they store both water and food in their leaves.

They are also get their name Stonecrop, as many species can survive in dry places and rocky areas. This is very handy for creating dry gardens and planting in places where it is difficult to grow common ornamentals.

Butterfly Bushes

If you want to attract butterflies and other beneficial species to your garden, plant the butterfly bush. This plant produces spectacular purple, pinkish white, yellow or red flowers. It usually blooms between spring and summer, although in tropical regions it blooms year-round. The plant can grow to six to eight feet tall, so it is necessary to prune it after it finishes blooming.


In many places, they are called beach flowers because they survive well in salty, sunny soils and are drought resistant. This plant produces flowers of many colors and the flower is very similar to those of impatiens. In English, they are known as “periwinkle”. In tropical regions, vincas are always in bloom. They prefer well-drained soils with mature organic compost.


Echinacea, also known as Coneflower, is known to most people for its pharmaceutical properties, whether it be to counter the effects of the common cold or many other illnesses. But it is also a plant that produces beautiful flowers and is used for decoration and cultivation in many types of gardens.

Echinacea is a member of the daisy family and is sun and drought resistant. Its flowers are usually purple and even grow wild in some meadows.


There are hundreds of species among the verbenas, although only a handful are grown for ornamental purposes. Its flowers come out in small sprays and are usually very colorful and fragrant. They are plants that grow to a moderate height and can withstand sun and lack of water on the ground. Its flowers can be red, pink and even purple.

Do you know any other perennials that would make perfect flowers to grow in any garden? We would love to read about them; don’t forget to share them with us in the comments below. Until then, happy gardening!


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