Garden lovers Landscape Commercial Landscape Design: Boost the Guest Experience

Commercial Landscape Design: Boost the Guest Experience

Commercial Landscaping

When guests visit a hotel, business or apartment complex, they will have an opinion about the space. These opinions are important, whether positive or negative.

Since 2010, the average online rating has become 12% more positive. This means consumers are more likely to share their positive experiences with others and help persuade others to use their services. However, they are still 21% more likely to leave an online review after a negative experience than after a positive experience, which drives potential customers away.

While elements such as interior design, cleanliness and customer service have an impact on the guest’s experience, the design of the commercial landscape is also vital.

Here are a few elements of commercial landscape design that can help positively influence how guests perceive your organization.

Proper Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting

Landscape lighting is traditionally seen as a means of highlighting architectural elements of a property, such as decorated pillars or water features. While this function of enhancing attractiveness is true, lights are also central to the safety of commercial landscaping. Visitors can better navigate the outdoor space at night, reducing both the potential risk of falls and damage to plants and flowerbeds.

In addition, there is an added level of security for visitors. The use of landscape lighting as part of the commercial landscaping will help guests feel safer in their surroundings, as animals and intruders will have fewer places to hide. In fact, these lights can even help deter nocturnal creatures and targeted break-ins on the property.

Multiple Seating Areas


Multiple seating areas

Common areas are an integral part of the business landscape mosaic. Not only do they help to create a sense of community for employees and tenants, but they have a similar impact on visitors. Weather permitting, guests may want to gather outside for lunch, relax and read a book to relieve stress, or simply stop for a quick chat as they walk out the door.

This is why organizations are encouraged to make use of seating areas such as benches and terraces when designing their business environments. These mixed-use elements make guests feel more welcome and comfortable in the space, encouraging them to spend more time on the premises and return later. And when it comes to visitors young and old, the value of seating areas across your business landscape becomes even clearer.

Introduce Hardscaping

Reduce water-demanding lawn surfaces by adding hard surfaces such as paving stones and concrete. At the same time, schedule regular irrigation maintenance to keep your paths free of leaves or debris that can affect runoff or cause mossy, unsafe surfaces. Seasonal tune-ups not only help drainage systems, but also extend the life and functionality of your irrigation systems.

Create a Positive Experience for Your Guests

Meeting the expectations of guests is an important goal for any hotel, business or apartment complex. Rather than making quick fixes to increase your profits, a better approach is to make long-term investments that will increase the value of your property over time. Adding lighting and seating areas to your commercial landscape are two investments that fall under this category.

You now know some of the tips to boost your guest experience. How about you? Do you have any other ones you would like to share?

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