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Flowers That Are Good for Your Mental Health

As the mental health day passed, more focus was put on the fact of being mentally and physically healthy. It is important to be surrounded by nature as it is known to boost our mood and ease stress. One way to be in contact with nature without leaving your apartment or house is through planting flowers. Did you know that filling your house with flowers is the secret to improving your mental health. Yes, flowers influence people in various ways as they are not mere decorative features, but they have a much larger role and ability to influence us on a much deeper level. Flowers have the capacity to affect us in a grandiose way that we are often not aware of. Sometimes, the mere presence of flowers is enough to influence our mood and give us a positive boost.

Here are six flowers that can reduce stress, improve and aid in a restful night’s sleep:

Chrysanthemums are good for the mood – We know that flowers do more than just o brighten your room, they can uplift and brighten your mood as well. According to some research, the impact can last for days, which is far more than a bar of chocolate. Flowers are known to chase away anxieties, worries, depression, and other effects. These are linked to their colors, smell, and even to the act of giving or receiving flowers. Chrysanthemums have the abilities to lessen those symptoms, especially when taken as tea as this flower has the properties of cooling and relaxing the body.

Snake plants improves the productivity – This plant boosts productivity whether you are at home or office. The reported side effects of this plant are enthusiasm, energy, and job satisfaction, this is why the flowers are well worth investing in especially if you work for long hours or need a regular pick-me-up signs. The smell can relieve your anxiety and acts as an ideal antidote to stressful surroundings, hurried deadlines or that confused juggling to-do list. Remember, the snake plant and its flowers allows you to handle the huge amount of work. Along with reducing stress, it also improves energy level and those who suffer from eye irritations, headaches or breathing problems. In all, this plant is a must-have in your apartment or home.

Lisianthus enhances creativity – It is proven that fresh flowers can ignite creativity in terms of inspiration, new ideas, and the ability to solve all problems. It has a positive effect in the workplace and normally boost in mood and general happiness. It is also proven that red flowers, such as ruby Ranunculus are connected to concentration and attention to detail, while blue stems, such as delicate anemone or pretty Lisianthus improves creativity and free thinking.

Jasmine helps in sleep – Not everyone knows it, but sleep is important and it plays an important role in the physical and mental health of ones. Without sleep, there might be problems in decision making, solving problems or coping with change. Thus, resulting in emotional imbalance! Jasmine and lavender are two plants and flowers that help in lowering stress and anxiety levels, which promotes peacefulness, improve sleep and lowers the heart rate. No doubts, these are ideal additions to the bedroom.


Calendulas heals – These flowers are known to reduce blood pressure, heart rate levels and the recovery time. Bright yellow or orange Calendula flowers are especially known for their antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal properties. These flowers also helps in easing an inflammation and heal wounds and rashes. They can be taken internally to stimulate blood circulation and speed up the recovery from colds and fevers. So next time, you visit someone, Calendulas it is!

A bouquet of flowers to raise a smile – You can brighten someone’s day with one simple gesture and that is by offering a bouquet to anyone you want. This action will make them feel loved and supported and can have a positive impact on that person. If you’ve got anything to say, then flowers are the perfect solution to communicate feelings when there is lack of words.

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