Garden lovers Gardening 6 New Year Resolutions That Can Make You A Better Gardener In 2022

6 New Year Resolutions That Can Make You A Better Gardener In 2022

6 New Year Resolutions That Can Make You A Better Gardener In 2022

It’s new year. It’s that time again when you get busy making a new list of resolutions. It’s the era that gives a second chance to make simple yet meaningful changes in your life.

Making annual resolutions is more than a tradition – it offers a glimpse of hope, a time of promise and lots of optimism. While eating healthier, getting more exercise, saving money, learning a new hobby, spending more time with family and starting a daily meditation practice are often listed as the most common new year resolutions, how about creating a wish list for your garden?

#1. Join A Gardening Club

Join A Gardening Club

Why restrict yourself to your garden when you can expand your opportunities outside and share your love and passion for gardening with others?

Gardeners are often busy people. Between garden chores, family, work and other commitments, they have a lot on their hands. So, why would I suggest adding another thing to that list by joining a gardening club?

Because it can impact your gardening experience in a hugely positive way. You will get to meet and make friends who share the same gardening interests as you do. You will learn new tips from old experts and get to inspire amateurs in the field. It’s also a great way to take a break from your garden and participate in more social projects like beautifying parks, empty lots and roadsides.

I promise you will feel the change in yourself.

#2. Grow At Least One Native Plant In Your Garden

Grow At Least One Native Plant In Your Garden

Natives – be they shrubs, trees or flowers- are adapted to local environmental conditions. They are very easy to grow, eliminating the need for any pesticides or fertilizers and requiring less water. However, the bonus factor is that they are way more resistant to disease, droughts and other natural disasters than any other plants.

#3. Try To Take More Pictures

Try To Take More Pictures

Isn’t it more fun and satisfying when you have a garden journal with pictures recording your progress in gardening? How about that heartwarming feeling over a picture of your first tomato’s ripening or your first flower’s opening?

Creating a photo journal will help you track progress as well as setting up productive goals.

#4. How About A Pergola?

How About A Pergola?

Aren’t we always on the lookout for something to improve our backyard? To add more visual appeal? Or, to increase our privacy while redefining our outdoor space?

It’s easy: Just imagine clambering vines and colorful flowers swarming all over an expansive pergola. And, there you’ve got a solution.

If you want to know more about the reasons why a pergola might be just perfect for your outdoor space, click here!

#5. Enjoy Your Outdoor Space More

Enjoy Your Outdoor Space More

I agree, there’s a lot to do in a garden – from monitoring the health of plants to trimming trees and mowing lawns. However, taking at least 30 minutes a day to stop and smell the flowers, watch the butterflies hover over the flowers and enjoy a nice cup of coffee can help lower your stress levels.

Believe me, the more your garden becomes a pleasant and relaxing space for you, the more you will appreciate all the hard work you are putting into it.

#6. Plant Flowers For The Bees

Plant Flowers For The Bees

An important gardening tip to remember and a significant gardening resolution to keep every year is to dedicate a part of your garden to local pollinators.

Choose a special section of your garden and grow bee-friendly plants such as bee balm, crocus, salvia, zinnia, allium, poppy, cosmos, sedum, rosemary, chives, thyme, lavender, borage and many more to keep local bees well-fed.

Remember, new year is like nature’s awakening time; it gives you a new opportunity to slow down and rebuild your bonds with nature.






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