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Create A Pond With A Waterfall To Beautify The Garden


There are many ways to add charm to a garden. The creation of a water feature is one of them. This installation, typical of Italian gardens, is becoming more and more popular with homeowners. It creates a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere in the garden. It can also be adapted to any type of garden, regardless of size.

In order to create a fountain, it is recommended that you call in a professional because, in order to achieve the desired effects, it is essential to take into account certain important elements. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things you ought to know about having a pond in your garden.

The components of a garden pond


To create a pond or fountain in the garden, it is necessary to know the various components of the installation. The composition differs depending on the type of pond to be installed (pond, waterfall, fountain with or without water jet). Many materials are used in the composition of the water feature in the garden (minerals, plants), some of which are only aesthetic, and others are more functional. However, the choice of these materials is not made at random and must meet the needs of the development.

Choosing the location of the pool

In general, there are no rules for the location of a water feature in a garden. However, it is essential to think carefully about its location to obtain an aesthetic and functional result. You can highlight it by placing it in the middle of your garden or ideally near a garden lounge.

The choice of materials to include in the installation

This is also an important choice in this type of installation. The choice depends on the desired purpose (aesthetics and use of the pool).

Water-resistant liners

If you want a masonry surround for your pond, make sure you choose materials that will withstand permanent exposure to water. Natural stone is recommended if you want to use it as a sitting area. Also, the bottom should be waterproof if you choose an in-ground pond. This will prevent water from seeping into the soil or the soil from fouling the water. You can also use geotextile fabric to waterproof the bottom of the pond.

Decorative elements


In addition to the masonry, the pond also consists of various decorative elements. Colored pebbles are a must for this type of design. Indeed, it gives color and a typical aspect to the pond. The waterfall or fountain is also an essential decorative element for a water feature in a garden. A fountain is trendy for a pond in the middle of the garden. Likewise, water that continuously trickles down is suitable for larger installations. You can call on a professional to choose the right type of installation for your garden.

The maintenance of the pool

The interest of a pond lies in its appearance. That is why it is necessary to maintain it regularly. Maintenance consists mainly of cleaning, especially of the water. To do this, you must:

1. Use depolluting plants

Some aquatic plants have depolluting virtues. They are both a part of the decoration and purify the water.

2. Choose the right pebbles

Choosing pebbles is not only a matter of appearance. Indeed, it is necessary to choose the type of pebble suitable for this particular environment.

3. Choosing the right pump


The pump is an essential element for a fountain or a waterfall. It allows the water to be constantly renewed. This renewal keeps the water clean. To choose the pump, you must take into account the quantity of water to be treated and the type of installation (waterfall or water jet). As for its installation, it is essential to seek the intervention of a professional.

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