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Unique Fruit Plants that You Need to Grow

Today, we are going to learn about some uniques edible fruits plants that you cannot find at your local grocery store but can grow well in your home garden. These fruits are completely beyond the standard apples, oranges, and strawberries as they are unique in colors and are known to be attractive plants which come in a variety of sizes. In addition to that, their flavor is considered to be out of this world.

Gardeners are always aware of good food as they take their time to grow it and taste it as soon as they are freshly harvested. Giving your plants love and attention eventually ends into a sweet reward which you cannot find in grocery stores. Sweet treats are easy to grow for aesthetic beauty and its flavors will sweeten up any home garden in the world.

Unique Edible Fruit Varieties

Below are a few examples of unique edible fruit varieties which you will not regret growing in your garden. You will crave to have a bite of those sweet varieties.

• Pink Blueberry

Blueberries are considered to be good as they have anthocyanin pigment which is a dietary antioxidant. Why should you plant pink blueberries you ask? There are four reasons mainly they are ornamental plants, they have a great tart lemonade flavor, they are last harvesters and you cannot find them in stores.

If you want a decorative summer garden, pink blueberries plants are the best as they grow into lush shrubs with silvery-green leaves. It is better to keep them in shade rather than in full sun. Pink berries are totally pink when they are ready. If you spot some white on them, they might taste a little sour.

Red Huckleberry

Another attractive plant to invest in is red huckleberry. It is considered to be a delicious woodland shrub that grows better in the shade. They produce a large number of tiny red tart berries which comes with jam-packed with pectin. You can use natural pectin to make jam with multiple fruits. These fruits are lovely for fresh eating and their trees are going to make your neighbors jealous.

• Ground Cherries

Ground cherries are fun to harvest. The tomato-family relatives grow in their own packaging. Make sure that you plant them in paper lanterns as your ground cherries grow in to thrive in full sun. When the lantern starts falling to the ground, you know it is time for harvesting. You can collect them with leisure as they will stay unharmed until you see the paper start decomposing which will take about 3 weeks. You can harvest with the kids as it is a fun activity and a great way to initiate them to gardening.

• Oregon Grape

Oregon grape is a native plant from British Columbia, Washington, Oregon which makes it very popular and easy garden edible. Their leaves are deep green and red as well as being spiky like holly. They have showy and yellow flowers and their fruits are ornamental in big clusters with blue color and dusty bloom. On top of that, Oregon grape is used as a medicinal plant. Even though some of the grapes can be very sour, they are worth growing and harvesting.

• Heirloom Figs

Growing fig trees in your garden is a guarantee that you will be getting fresh figs to eat after the harvesting season. Since fresh figs don’t transport well you will only find dried one in grocery stores. It is one of the best ways to preserve a harvest if all of them ripen at the same time. No matter what, they cannot replace the taste of a fresh one. Heirloom figs taste like fruits soaked in honey with a texture of passion fruit which is dotted with tiny, crunchy seeds.

• Sea Buckthorn Berry

These berries are high in vitamins, oils, and antioxidants. They grow up in shrubs which are large, wild and heavy producers. On top of that, they are wonderful nitrogen fixers in the garden that grows well in cool climates. They are used in skin care recipes and make yummy juice or jelly.

• Alpine Strawberries

These strawberries are sometimes called wild strawberries. They are packed with smaller and less bloated berry. These berries grow all summer and are best to eat when you pick them up straight from your garden or within a few days after the harvest. You can make jam of it if you want to preserve them. Trust me, their flavor is exceptionally more than any strawberry that you have tasted.

• Tayberry

Tayberry is a cross between raspberries and blackberries with a sweet flavor when they are ripe. You can be relaxed as these berries take longer time to ripe than most blackberries and raspberries. Make sure that they are a bit squishy when you are harvesting them.

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