Garden lovers Garden Designing Your Garden: The Keys to a Harmonious Space

Designing Your Garden: The Keys to a Harmonious Space

Designing Your Garden - The Keys to a Harmonious Space

Designing Your Garden: The Keys to a Harmonious Space

You own a house with a garden and want to make it a pleasant and peaceful place, away from the city’s noise? Developing a garden requires defining the elements well and composing the space accordingly. This article gives you advice and tips for your outdoor design project. Nothing should be left to chance! Prepare well for implementing your project for an outdoor space that looks like you! Designing a garden involves asking yourself different questions and thinking carefully about the elements that will make up the space: paths, plants, garden furniture, flowers, water features, and decoration…

Plants for an outdoor landscape full of greenery and colours

Designing Your Garden - The Keys to a Harmonious Space

Plants, trees, flowers, lawns, bushes, grass… the choice of plants must be made with care, according to your desires but also the time you have to devote to the maintenance of your exterior, the climate, the location of your house (city, countryside) and the nature of the soil. To ensure your plants’ longevity, think carefully about the watering system, which must combine practicality and discretion. Establish a maintenance calendar so you don’t miss anything for the lawn, plants or flowers. For large, high tasks, you can call on the services of a tree trimmer for the pruning and trimming of trees and hedges. If you are planning a vegetable garden, find out well in advance about the steps involved in implementing such a project and about maintenance and watering recommendations.

From the garden to your home: the garden path to create space

Designing Your Garden - The Keys to a Harmonious Space

You can install a garden path to facilitate access to your home or a walk in your garden. Wood, gravel, flagstones… there are many materials. To choose, compare the advantages and disadvantages of each of these materials, as well as the associated prices. If gravel is very easy to install, it is essential to provide a border to avoid the gravel ending up on your lawn. While wood is aesthetically pleasing and relatively easy to install, it is less durable than other materials, such as stone or concrete. Do not hesitate to call on a professional to establish the layout of the garden path, to help you with your choice of material and to ensure a quality finish.

Lighting, curtains, furniture… Let’s go for decorating ideas!

Designing Your Garden - The Keys to a Harmonious Space

In order to turn your garden into an enchanted place, you can use decorative elements such as lighting (LEDs, garlands…), curtains (especially around the terrace), or garden furniture. Here again, it all depends on the style you want to give to your exterior! These different small decorative elements will allow you to organize the exterior and create spaces according to your desires.

Call on the advice of a garden professional to create a successful layout

Calling on a garden expert guarantees you to benefit from personalized advice adapted to your garden and to see with him which style of landscaping suits you (landscaped garden, Japanese garden…). A landscaper will be able to advise you on the different possible layouts according to the available space, the shape of the garden, its exposure to the sun and the nature of the soil. He will also know how to make the different elements of your exterior work together: terrace, swimming pool, pergola, garden shed, and water feature… In parallel, estimate the price of the different works and arrangements envisaged. Also, add the price for the intervention of a landscape expert and ask for quotes to compare the prices and services offered.

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