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The Different Solutions To Heat The Water Of The Pool


Having a pool at home has many advantages. You don’t have to move every time you want to swim. You can take a dip as often as you like. Moreover, physical activities such as swimming are beneficial to the health of both children and adults and are highly recommended by doctors. All you have to do is get organized and get started according to your availability. You don’t need to make a reservation or pay.

If you don’t know how to swim either, just hire a swimming instructor and learn in the privacy of your own home. Unfortunately, you can’t enjoy your pool all year round unless you decide to invest in a heating system. There are different solutions for this, and they are adaptable to all budgets. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things you need to know about heating your pool.

What are the different existing solutions to heat the water of a pool?


Although there are different pool heating types, not all are suitable for all models. Indeed, it depends largely on the volume of water to be heated, thus on the surface of the pool. The budget is also an important factor. You should know that some installations are expensive to buy but profitable in the long term.

The region in which your house is located is also a parameter to be taken into account since the climatic conditions are not the same. Furthermore, it is currently possible to use free renewable energy, such as the sun, to heat the water of the pool. However, this option will not be optimal if you are not located in a region of strong sunshine.

Solar heating

There are two ways to heat pool water using solar energy: installing a solar cover or solar panels. The first option is less expensive and does not require complex work. It consists of installing a solar bubble cover that is used to cover the pool water. The device will accumulate heat and heat the pool water.

However, the solar cover is only effective on sunny days. Therefore, it is better to invest in solar panels for optimal efficiency. The purchase cost is higher, but you will be able to heat your pool for a longer period of time as long as they cover half of the pool.

Natural gas heating

Heating the pool with natural gas is also a very interesting option. The principle is the same as for home heating. If your house is equipped with a boiler, you only need to add a heat exchanger so that the system can heat the house and the pool at the same time. If not, or if the pool is too far away from the house, you should install a gas pool heater. This is a very easy device to install, but it still requires the intervention of a gas professional to ensure the optimal efficiency of the system.

Moreover, heating the pool with natural gas is more economical in terms of purchase and performance. Indeed, the heating is instantaneous, and the temperature rise is very fast. It is also possible to connect the system to a smartphone in order to be programmed remotely.

What is the most advantageous heating system?


Pool heating systems are currently widespread on the market. There are some that suit all budgets and promise many benefits. Nevertheless, it is better to ask the advice of a qualified pool specialist in order to be better advised on which one is the most appropriate for your pool. Finally, note that these devices also require regular maintenance.

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