How To Prune Your Trees Successfully

3 Steps to Prune a Tree

The pruning of trees is a rather complicated operation. You have to be very careful. Pruning a tree can be really tricky, but you can do it without the help of a professional if you have the appropriate tools and the time. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things you need to know about pruning a tree.

Type of pruning for a tree

How to Prune a Plant

    • Trimming: cutting branches to make the tree more compact
    • Thinning: to reduce the density of the trees

Types of branches to cut

For pruning, we must cut the fragile branches that are broken or dead. The part where it joins the upper branch must be removed. Branches that prevent the proper development of trees must also be cut. These are branches that grow away from the center of the tree or that cross other branches. Especially for fir trees, you must cut the trees at the top to avoid the formation of forks, which are branches of small thickness. These are located at the bottom of your tree and can impede your circulation in the garden. They must therefore be cut off.

Tips for successful tree pruning

Choose the right time to prune.

Tree pruning should not be taken lightly. To know the right time, it is necessary to know their age. A tree less than ten years old should be pruned every year, while a tree older than ten years should be pruned every two years.

Knowing the right time to prune

3 Steps to Prune a Tree

It is important to know that pruning trees must take into account the climate parameter since it is essential for the survival of trees. For some, they cannot be pruned during the winter season because of their vegetative rest, but for others, they will endure well. It depends on the type of plants and their geographical location, but some trees must be pruned during the fall or late summer.

On the other hand, spring is not an option for pruning because its pruning causes resin flows. It is, therefore, important to know the family of the tree. The advice of a professional like Vouhe Élagage will be necessary before proceeding with the operation.

Pruning if it is really necessary

Pruning a tree can be detrimental to its health. But if the tree can present a real safety hazard, it is necessary to prune it.

Choosing the right professional

Pruning a tree requires specific equipment, knowledge, and techniques. Pruning large trees is very dangerous. Therefore, it is important to be vigilant regarding the pruners to avoid causing significant damage to your trees. To be sure that the company is a good professional, it must have professional liability insurance. Some of their work will also give you an idea of their professionalism. Don’t forget the estimate for the work. The price of pruning depends entirely on the difficulty of the operation.

The respect of the legislation relating to pruning

There is a law that governs pruning operations. In some cases, this operation is necessary. Indeed, the regulation requires you to ensure the regular maintenance of trees for the safety of the infrastructure, users, and neighbors. If you have a tree that is over two meters high, the law requires that it be cut back to less than two meters. Branches that may enter your neighbors’ property must also be cut back.

Protecting the tree after pruning

How to Prune a Plant

After cutting the branches, you can apply Norway tar to help the tree’s wounds heal. This will prevent infection and disease from the wounds that could infect the entire tree.

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