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How To Optimize The Location Of A Pool?


The construction of an in-ground concrete pool can cost up to 40,000 dollars. It would be a pity if you didn’t take enough time to choose the place to install it. For the sake of comfort, use, and respect for the law, you should ask yourself several questions: Where to put the pool in the garden? How much space is around the pool? What distance is between the pool and the neighbor? So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things you need to know about the location of your pool.

Consider the type of land.


The perfect terrain for building a pool is flat. For sloping and bowl-shaped grounds, a soil study is necessary to adapt the work to the needs of the pool. To make it flat, leveling and installation of a drainage system are necessary. Without this, your pool will serve as a container for runoff, dirt, and rainwater. In some cases, specific foundations are required to reinforce the base.

Consider the type of soil.

The soil survey also allows you to evaluate the quality of the soil on which the pool will be built. Backfill is sometimes not recommended because its stability is questionable. Prefer natural soil for the pool foundation. Limestone soil is perfect for installing a pool because it is stable, compact, and dry. In contrast, clay soil and sandy soil require drainage devices because of their instability. If you have rocky soil in your yard, time-consuming and costly landscaping work will await you.

Consider living in harmony with nature.


No one likes to swim in a dark place. So, place your pool in a sunny spot during the day and away from trees and buildings. This saves you money on heating because the sun naturally heats your pool. This way, even the wind won’t blow leaves and some waste into your pool.

Imagine in advance a house with a swimming pool.

Everyone wants to have a pool that is easily accessible from the house or from the deck. By considering putting it near your home, you can not only keep your children safe while swimming but also enjoy the view throughout the seasons. However, there are also benefits to moving the pool away from your home.

It allows you to dedicate a corner of your garden to a real aquatic space and decorate it with a relaxation area, a bar, a changing room, etc. To finalize your choice more easily, the presence of an architectural technologist is of great help.

He or she will help you find the ideal location for the pool, taking into account the various connections to the house: water, sewage, electricity… In addition to comfort and aesthetics, choose an installation far from the eyes of the neighborhood and the street. You not only preserve your intimacy, but you also spare them from noise, splashes, and shouts.

Bring in an architect.


Why not contact an exterior design technologist architect to take care of all this? In addition to considering all these parameters, he will make sure to find the right location for the technical room of the pool. Indeed, the installation of this device is of great importance.

It is also important to know that certain rules govern the construction of a pool. The respect of the neighbors, the property line, the distance from the neighborhood, and the public road must all be taken into account. This specialist in-house plans and outdoor design is best placed to help you choose the location of your pool.

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