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Why Are There Rats In My Garden?


Fear, disgust, or spite at the devastated crops are usually the first reactions when a rat infestation is noticed. Then one thinks of the most effective method to get rid of them or at least keep them away from one’s home. When rats infest your garden, you fear for your plants. You have to react and find solutions to get rid of them. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn more about the presence of these rodents in the garden.

The signs of a rat’s presence


Usually, the presence of rats or a pair of rats means that they are looking for a new home. The presence of rats is never a coincidence. Sometimes, we are responsible for their presence.

Food and waste

The waste in the garbage cans outside allows them to create a home. However, when you know how rats reproduce, it is better to take precautions. Rats need to survive like any other animal. Our house is best suited to their lifestyle. Garbage attracts them, especially if a garbage bag has been left outside the container. Rodents have a highly developed sense of smell, so they can easily orient themselves towards this waste.

Pet dishes are also an attractive food source since they are animal food. A hungry rat will not hesitate to help itself, especially if it notices that this supply is always full every day. The rat also needs to quench its thirst. Water pipes, gutters, and sewers are also of interest to them. Indeed, they find comfort anywhere.

Clutter and mess

Clutter is also an element that attracts rodents. It seems unpleasant to us, but it suits them. Old newspapers, wood, cardboard boxes; it’s a new home for them.

Vegetation and outdoor risks


Gardens are advantageous for rodents: compost, fruit that falls to the ground, bushy vegetation, etc. These rodents can be controlled by restricting access to barns and attics to prevent them from having a place for a food reserve.

Rats in the wild

Although they are in the sewers, their presence in the home is a different story. From noises in the partitions or the sewer system, you will notice the presence of these rodents by the droppings and the urine with persistent odors.

How to fight against rats?

The best trick is to make sure that rats cannot settle in. The presence of a cat can scare them away. Check all openings where this rodent could enter. Put the garbage in an airtight garbage can. With a highly developed sense of smell, rats cannot stand the smell of pepper, sage, or mint. So, plant these plants near your home.

If you are unable to eliminate rodents in your garden. When you confirm their presence, you can dislodge them with essential oils of mint or citronella. On the other hand, if the infestation is significant, the easiest way is to install traps or rat poison in the form of small blocks.

The usefulness of rats in an urban environment


You probably don’t know it, but the rat plays a role in health. Indeed, when it cleans the sewers, it encourages people to respect the environment and to put the waste in specialized places. But also, it has a role in the ecosystem. It is part of the food chain and represents prey for some birds and reptiles.

The rat can play a role in the nature of the ground. Indeed, it digs tunnels; the aeration of the soil ensures a better flow of water and helps prevent floods. This aeration of the soil acts on the cultivation of plants and allows the development of biodiversity.

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