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4 Tips For Organizing Your Garden


Gardening can be pretty hard; even if you have a green thumb, just knowing how to take care of a plant isn’t enough when you are also going for aesthetics. Organizing your garden takes your effort and a bit of an eye to know what will look nice where. It takes a couple of tries to get this right, but you will get there eventually.

Hard work and patience are the game’s name when it comes to garden organization. Gardening should be fun, so don’t make it seem like a job or hassle and take it lightly. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the ways you can organize your garden to make it look more aesthetically pleasing.

1. Pen to paper


This is more of a saying; most of us will most likely use the notes app on our phone, but you will take out your notebook for this project if you are anything like my mom. This is an excellent way to keep yourself on the right track, and this will help you jot down your ideas and measurements.

If you are a visual person like me, you can even take pictures that will help you map out this project and make your life a hell of a lot easier. Taking photos will also help you keep track of the organization process, and you will see the gradual shift of your garden.

Taking pictures or notes is a great way to keep track because keeping track with your eyes alone can be rather difficult. Having pictures also motivates you as you will be able to see all the work you’ve done, and this will be helpful to keep you on the right track.

2. Plan your garden by blocks


Planning is the name of the game when it comes to garden organization, and the best way to do this is by using blocks which will make it easier to demarcate your garden. The block method is one of the simplest and sometimes cheapest ways to organize your garden.

You can sketch this out in your journal first or create a 3D rendition of what this will look like. To do this, you just have to get the correct measurement of your garden and lay it down on a piece of paper or your laptop. From there, you can plan the position of your plants and vegetables by blocks, a bit akin to how you would plan a house according to the rooms. This will help you out immensely, especially if you are a visual person.

When planning the blocks, you should also do your own research and see how much space each of the plants needs to grow and flourish. Most people prefer and choose the block technique because it allows them to maximize the space in their garden. A garden that is planned in blocks is also relatively easier to maintain than the other types of organized gardens out there.

3. Maintenance and Pruning


It is also really important to know that lack of maintenance causes about 80% of all unorganized gardens, and this is why you need to stay ahead of the game and always be one step ahead. No matter how good your seed and soil are, if you don’t have the patience to maintain it, then your garden is already doomed, and you won’t see the result of your hard work.

Some good ways to keep your garden in check are by weeding, harvesting, and pruning it on time; these are some of the most important works for maintaining a proper and healthy garden. Most people hate pruning, and we feel you on that one, but it is still an absolute necessity to keep your little garden healthy, organized, and aesthetically pleasing for the eyes.

Pruning is when you go through your garden and get rid of all the overgrown and dead sections by cutting them away and discarding them (if you do so by composting them, then this is a green flag in my book). You are literally getting rid of dead weight, which is bad for the plant because it stifles growth.

4. Final thoughts


Be patient with this and take your time. No need to take your frustration out on your plant and garden; take it as a therapeutic leisure activity that you can do for 30 minutes to an hour every day. Your garden will be like your therapy session if you don’t look at it like work but rather as a project that you can complete over the span of a couple of weeks or even months.

In my book, gardening is fun and a way for me to vent my frustration. Instead of lashing out at someone, I would much rather take my frustration on some pesky weed. So, have fun with this little DIY process, and we can’t stress this enough have fun with this.

Sound off in the comments section below and tell us what you want to read next and if you want to learn more about garden organization.

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