Garden lovers Herbs Growing Herbs on Your Windowsill in January

Growing Herbs on Your Windowsill in January

Do you miss fresh, fragrant herbs? Can’t wait for a new gardening season? Grow them now. Even in January, you can get your vitamins from herbs such as chives, basil, and watercress.

Turn your windowsill into a mini herb garden. It’s always a good idea to have fresh, fragrant leaves on hand. They taste great right away in soups, salads, pasta, and grilled meats. All you need is a flowerpot, a base for planting herbs and seeds.

Growing Herbs

Before you start gardening, make sure you have everything you need. Herbs grow better in flowerpots with classic soil that is well ventilated. Please make sure they are large enough so that your herbs have enough space to grow and produce a bountiful harvest. You can also use discarded kitchen utensils such as various bowls and old terracotta pots.

Choose a good place to put your herbs, preferably a windowsill that is warm and has plenty of light for at least most of the day. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on substrate, you can make your own. Then you can water them if you have a watering can.

Herbs To Choose

Choose the herbs you want to use for cooking. In most cooking, parsley leaves may be used. You can also sow the herbs every two weeks to have fresh leaves on hand. If you are cooking Italian food, basil will definitely come in handy.


Grow curly parsley or classic parsley in a large box. If you are in a hurry to harvest and cannot wait three to four months, get the seedlings into the garden. You can then transplant them into larger pots to allow them to grow. At the same time, you can also sow parsley in boxes and transplant the seedlings when they are mature. Parsley also needs light, but not direct sunlight. Water regularly so that the soil does not dry out completely, but does not get too wet.

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You will have to wait for weeks for many herbs to grow, but cress can be harvested in a few days, and it requires no substrate. Just put tiny cress seeds in a bowl, water them (be careful not to let them dry out), and harvest them after a few days. This way, you can sow the seeds at any time and get some greenery.

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This Mediterranean herb is ideal for growing in pots. Sow directly in flower beds. When it grows and has two petals, transplant it to another container and grow it there. Basil needs heat and sunlight. It also needs watering every two to three days. You can grow different kinds of basil, for example, lemon or red basil. Pull off the leaves and collect them from the base of the plant. New ones will grow.

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Chives grow very well when placed on a windowsill. It can be grown from seed in about four months. If you want green stems now and have chives in your flower bed, kick off some of the bunch and put them in a flowerpot. They will come to life in a few days and start turning green. You can also buy seedlings at garden centers. Chives need light and water. Water it regularly every few days and ensure the soil does not dry out.

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Onion Stems

Onion stems, which can be “grown” quickly, are also good and healthy. Put the common bottom part of the onion root in a glass of water. Make sure to choose a container that will hold the onion and avoid letting it fall into it. Change the water periodically. Sprouts will start to appear from the stems, and you can harvest them in a few weeks.

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You can supplement your garden herbs with other plants such as oregano, thyme, and rosemary.

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