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Spring Into Your Garden

Spring is fast approaching – this is the time, and this is the year for you to start growing your food at home – it’s easy. Make an effort, and you will be royally rewarded with fresh, tasty, organized food to eat and serve to family and guests.

You don’t have to start big, start small, and little by little until you get the hang of it, and you’ll see that I’m right! You don’t even need a big garden or much outdoor space. It would be best if you had the purpose, energy, and effort to get started.

A piece of new basic gardening equipment will come in handy to get started and remember that the pots and tools you buy this time will last for years, as long as you maintain them reasonably well and don’t leave them out in the wind and rain.

Are you thinking about getting into gardening? Growing your food is a big step toward self-sufficiency, and the exorbitant prices of supermarket vegetables are becoming more unbearable by the day. Perhaps you are already an experienced gardener and are considering the step of diversifying into food, or you are just looking for a few new varieties to keep your interest. Either way, there are some excellent varieties out there, so check below for a few fast-growing spring vegetables to get you started.


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Expect to harvest this plant in about 50 days, quite possibly less. With any luck, you can harvest the leaves and keep harvesting multiple times throughout the long growing season. Not only is this a fast grower, but it is delicious and helpful in a variety of meals while producing more than enough leaves to be worth the investment. However, consider getting one with regular leaves. These are less likely to retain unwanted soil particles, so washing them is a breeze.


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For speed alone, they are exceptional. Plant them on the first day of March, and you’ll be eating them before April has time to rear its head. 25 to 30 days is the usual time, for the record. Just don’t leave them too long, or they’ll get spongy. It is an excellent plant to grow with children. Push the seeds a half to three-quarters of an inch deep, and they will soon be able to see their work. Fewer insects are buzzing around in early spring, so you should be able to avoid pests as well.


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They are becoming increasingly popular. Some fast-growing varieties, such as ‘red Milan,’ have baby bulbs ready to be pulled within a few weeks, and from that point on, they mature pretty quickly. Remember that turnips’ roots sometimes take a surprisingly long time to establish, but not all is lost. Within 25 to 30 days, most varieties will have produced edible leaves for harvesting and will probably be ready to eat themselves.

Shallots and green onions

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Now, these have a catch. They are certainly recommended as an excellent spring plant, but not from seed. It takes quite a while to grow them from seed, but they are available in most garden centers as partially grown bunches. For five bucks, you can easily have a hundred and have edible green onions ready for the cutting board in less than three weeks.

Enjoy your garden

These are just a few of the many suitable spring plants, so check to see if something is better for you. Nevertheless, these are excellent plants with excellent qualities, and investing in them for your spring garden is a step in the right direction.

Get gardening this spring; no excuses now. Start simple, sow seeds indoors directly, choose from your favorite herbs and vegetables and go for it.

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