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10 Ornamental Shrubs for Your Garden

Shrubs play an essential role in the garden. When it comes to arranging the flower bed, they provide an indispensable means in constructing different heights. They bloom profusely, and due to their larger volume and branch structure, shrubs are more robust than perennials. Here are some of the most beautiful ornamental shrubs for your garden/yard:

1) Japanese Maple, Acer Palmatum

The shape and colour of the leaves make the Japanese maple look unique in the garden. For many, it is a very popular shrub that gets a lot of attention. The shrub is sensitive to frost, especially in the first few years after planting. Fortunately, frozen branches can be pruned without problems.

Maple, Érable, Érable Du Japon, Rouge, Feuilles, Nature

2) Beautyberry, Callicarpa

Callicarpa has no special appearance as a shrub. However, this changes when the plant drops its leaves in autumn. The plant will then have formed clusters of small purple berries on the branches. Two plants are needed in the garden for good pollination. Branches with berries can easily be placed in a vase indoors.

Beautyberry, Fruits, Branches, Callicarpa

3) Snowball Viburnum, Viburnum davidii Viburnum

Davidii is an advantageous plant. This evergreen ornamental shrub is robust and suitable as a ground cover and a solitary plant. In spring, the plant blooms and forms white flowers. The plant then forms bluish-black berries. Cover it in case of very heavy frosts to avoid damage.

Boule De Neige, Viburnum, Arbuste, Botanique, Fleurs

4) Cardinals, Euonymus

The shrimp cap is a native plant. The colourful berries that grow on the bush in fall and winter make the plant a jewel for the garden. Birds love the berries of this shrub, which can reach 4 to 5 meters in height. The plant does well in any nutrient-rich soil.

Image result for Cardinals Euonymus

5) Glossy Loquat, Photinia Fraseri’ Red Robin’

The glossy loquat is a beautiful shrub for the garden. The plant can be used as a solitary plant and excellent for pruning forms or even as a hedge. The real beauty of the plant is when new shoots are formed. The new leaf is deep red.

Image result for Photinia Fraseri' Red Robin

6) Rhododendron

Rhododendron is a very popular shrub or bush. The lush blooms in late spring and the preservation of green leaves are undoubtedly related to it. The plant tolerates very heavy pruning. Wait for the plant to finish flowering, and you will be rewarded the following year!

Rhododendron, Rhododendronknospen

7) Wig tree, Cotinus Coggygria

The wig tree is ideal for taking care of different leaf colours in the garden. The burgundy-red colour of its leaves and its unique rounded shape will undoubtedly attract your attention. The plant owes its name to the wig-shaped tufts with which it bears fruit.

Feuilles, Feuilles Rouges, Arbre, Cotinus Coggygria

8) Heavenly Bamboo, Nandina Domestica

This plant, which has nothing to do with bamboo, is best in winter, even with a broad imagination. The bright red berries ensure that Nadina Domestica is an asset to your garden. The red-green discoloration of the leaves also gives the plant a beautiful year-round appearance.

Nandina Fleurs D'Ouverture, Bambou Céleste, Arbuste

9) American Lilac, Ceanothus

American lilac is a strong, evergreen shrub that thrives in our climate. In late spring, the shrub blooms abundantly and produces clusters of huge flowers that look a bit like a butterfly bush. This shrub should not be missing from a flowering garden!

Image result for American Lilac

10) Skimmia

The Skimmia is also a hardy and evergreen shrub. A trendy plant for many years that needs a light spot in the garden. At the end of summer, the first buds and berries characteristic of the plant appear. Skimmia is often used in Christmas flower arrangements.

Skimia Japonica Rubéole, Vert, Japanese Skimmia

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