Garden lovers Landscape 7 Ways to Add Retro Style to Your Garden

7 Ways to Add Retro Style to Your Garden

7 Ways to Add Retro Style to Your Garden

The retro style is a growing trend today for outdoor spaces. From backyard charm to adventurous vibes, you’ve got everything you need in a retro garden style.

And, for a unique look, I recommend the following:

#1. Add Geometric Stone Fountain for Ultimate Relaxation

Add Geometric Stone Fountain for Ultimate Relaxation

Yes, a geometric stone fountain does make a striking statement and is a great addition to the overall retro aesthetics of your garden. But, there’s more to this principle than meets the eye.

A gurgling fountain is a visual reminiscent of a mountain stream or crashing waves on the sea. It is that simple movement of water that can make the whole garden feel alive and truly remarkable. Outdoor stone water fountains – from traditional Japanese to monolithic ones – create a pleasant, serene atmosphere and can make you feel soothing and relaxed.

What if I tell you that this instant touch-of-nature element has more benefits?

  • Looking at a water fountain is said to be very good for the heart. Your focus in on the water, a soothing elixir of life, which helps to release stress and erase negative feelings.

  • In the process of water circulation, contaminants from the air can be removed, thus purifying and improving the air quality.

  • And, above all, the fountain can teach us a valuable lesson – water is valuable and we should not waste it.

#2. Design With Garden Gnomes

Design With Garden Gnomes

I’ve always thought garden gnomes form part of the worst garden trends of all time. I still don’t know if I’m right or wrong, but adding garden gnomes would be like incorporating folklore in your garden.

Imagine the small wooden and porcelain gnome figurines, dressed in green with their tall red hats. Aren’t these fantastical, whimsical creatures perfect for a vintage-styled garden?

#3. Hang Vintage Plates


Hang Vintage Plates

I was born somewhere at the trailing end of Gen-Y and I’ve been selling vintage items for the last three years. Interestingly, I would have never imagined that trends in the market for vintage items are pretty similar to the trends for sleek and contemporary ones.

I know it’s worth quite a bit – imagine the look on my face when I found out that the scrap price for a vintage item was several hundred dollars at $20 per ounce. So, it’s totally up to you if you want to invest in them.

But, for your information, they are easily available at thrift stores, antique shops and even garage sales.

#4. Plant Flowers in Old Wheelbarrows

Plant Flowers in Old Wheelbarrows

What better way to give your garden a rustic, antique feel than with flowers planted in an old wheelbarrow?

Some years ago, I was asked to build a rustic wheelbarrow and to customize it – don’t ask me what kind of project was that!

I actually started it with a quite dull feeling but ended with something rewarding.

Envision this: A stash of colorful daisies placed in an old, rustic wheelbarrow, standing next to a stunning flower stand.

Doesn’t that sound like an inspiration coming from the retro era?

#5. Classic Clock Exhibited on a Reclaimed Door


Do you know the outcome of combining Roman numerals along with a laid-back reclaimed door?

An eye-catching addition to a retro-styled garden.

You can, of course, personalize the project to your own tastes by adding monograms or some of your favorite sayings. For ultimate refinement, you might want to paint it or even add some shelves right below the clock.

#6. Add in Hanging Chairs


Add in Hanging Chairs

If you’ve lived through the 1960s or 1970s, you’d know that swinging chairs were quite popular during those times.

You might also want to go for some more contemporary ones.

#7. Don’t Forget the Vintage Red Lantern

Don’t Forget the Vintage Red Lantern

If you are looking for another inexpensive way to add retro charm to your garden, I’d suggest adding the typical campfire-style red lantern.

What do you think about these tips?


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