Garden lovers Indoor Plants Lucky Plants That Can Bring Prosperity and Good Health Into Your Life (Part 2)

Lucky Plants That Can Bring Prosperity and Good Health Into Your Life (Part 2)

Apart from aesthetics and freshness, plants can also bring good fortune, love and luck. Whether you are interested in getting better luck, a good health or want to attract the one true love, there is a plant for everyone.

#1. Welcome Prosperity With the Chinese Evergreen

Chinese evergreen (Aglaonema commutatum 'Parrot Jungle') - License,  download or print for £43.40 | Photos | Picfair

The Chinese evergreen, native to the tropics and subtropics of Asia, is a plant that can bring prosperity into your life. But, more specifically, it can help you to win the lottery. Sounds unbelievable to you? Well, here’s the famous story:

“A man checked the markings on a plant to come up with numbers for his winning lottery ticket and that plant is none other than the Chinese Evergreen.”

Since then, this gem of a plant is known to attract prosperity and wealth and has become a popular houseplant grown in homes.

Now, there is a range of varieties of the Chinese evergreen available:

  • Aglaonema Cecilia: A gorgeous Chinese evergreen with broad silvery-green leaves variegated with dark green speckles.
  • Aglaonema Emerald Beauty: A different variety of Chinese evergreen with dark green leaves highlighted by feather-like markings of silvery gray.
  • Aglaonema Golden Bay: Created by the University of Florida, this plant displays some gray-green leaves with a creamy-white center. It is also considered as one of the easiest plants to grow.
  • Aglaonema Maria: With shiny and dark green leaves, this tropical plant is often recommended for beginners.
  • Aglaonema Nicole: An exceptionally beautiful variety of the Chinese evergreen, this plant has medium-green leaves with a broad silver stripe running down the center.
  • Aglaonema Silver Bay: As one of the most common Chinese evergreen varieties, the silver bay offers silvery leaves outlined in deep, lush green.
  • Aglaonema Romeo: A lovely plant with long silver leaves in dark green color.
  • Aglaonema Slim Jim: This Chinese evergreen variety gives a completely different feel with its stunning textural contrast, dark foliage and stunning white stems.

Some care tips for the Chinese evergreen:

  • The Chinese Evergreen should always be placed in a spot with indirect sunlight
  • The plant should be watered moderately

#2. Wealth From Rubber Plant

variegated rubber plant | I love the colors and patterns on … | Flickr

The origins of the rubber plant can be traced back to Asia, particularly India, Malaysia and Java. As a member of the Moraceae family, this plant can grow into a sizeable tree with large, sturdy dark green leaves and aerial roots. And, even though it bears the name of “rubber” plant, it is not used for the production of commercial rubber (even though once again it does have some latex-like white sap in its stem and leaves).

While home designers recommend this houseplant as it can create a stunning focal point, Feng Shui followers recommend this plant as its leaves represent wealth and money. That is why many believers of this ancient Chinese practice often place the rubber plant in the wealthiest area of their home, such as, in the southeast area of a room or in the entrance hall of their home.

Basic requirements you need to know for the rubber plant:

  • Soil requirements: As the rubber plants cannot sit in water, house plant experts recommend a well-draining and well-aerated potting soil.
  • Light requirements: Bright light is preferred for rubber plants (now, I said bright, not direct sunlight). For example, a bright and sunny spot shielded by a sheer curtain is the perfect place for a rubber plant.
  • Water requirements: The water needs for a rubber plant may vary according to season. For instance, it should be moist during the growing season but during the dormant season, you have to water it only once or twice a month. It is also recommended by some to water it with lukewarm water. Why not go for the usual cold water? Well, as per Flower Shop Network, “cold tap water can cause a shock to plant roots.

If you happen to know other plants that can attract prosperity and good luck, why don’t you share them with us in the comment section below?


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