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Cool-Season Vegetables to Plant in Fall (Part 4)

It’s no secret that garden lovers aren’t afraid to get their hands all muddy. These enthusiasts will still grow tasty vegetables in any season, no matter how big or small their garden is. In this article, we’ve listed some flavourful veggies you can plant from seed in early autumn and harvest later.

But Why Plant Vegetables During Fall?

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Although they need a sunny spot, many vegetables don’t need much heat. Lettuce, radishes and spinach, for example, grow best during the cool nights and warm days of early autumn. Unlike in spring, when the soil is cooler, the soil is pleasantly warm in the garden, ideal for rapid germination. But remember that autumn crops can grow more slowly when the daytime temperature drops.  

Another benefit is that there are usually fewer pests when the temperature drops. Cold-blooded insects go dormant. Also, most weeds grow more slowly. In general, fewer weeds are competing for nutrients in autumn crops. Less irrigation may be needed. Although autumn crops need moisture, water does not evaporate from the soil as quickly as in summer. As for the heat, it’s over. You’ll also want to get out in the garden and enjoy the cooler weather. However, growing in autumn can take a little longer than in spring. Why? Although seeds tend to germinate faster in warmer soil than in cool spring soil, cooler temperatures can make crops take more time to mature. Let’s take a look at the vegetables you can grow at this time of year.

1.- Potatoes

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Even in pots and sacks, we can grow organic potatoes. Of course, make sure they have a depth of about 60 cm. The soil must be loose, well sifted and free of pieces of earth or stones to allow the development of this tuber. Try to keep the soil always a little damp (humid, not wet) and put the plants in a place where they receive sunlight. Depending on the variety of potato or potato you sow and the growing conditions, after 12 weeks, you could start harvesting your organic potatoes. See how to plant potatoes.

2.- Radishes

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It is a prevalent crop in urban gardens because they grow very well in containers and cultivation tables due to the little space they require. They are also quite rustic, so you only have to consider some basic issues, such as maintaining regular watering to prevent cracking. Make direct sowing to grow your radishes; you do not need to prepare the seedlings or seedlings. Plant the radishes in a staggered fashion so that you have a supply of radishes for several successive weeks. In just 30 days, we already have our organic radishes ready to harvest.

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Various radishes can best adapt to the area’s climate where you will grow them. We can start by sowing radish seeds directly. If you grow them in pots or cultivation tables, they must have a minimum depth of 20 cm. Depending on the variety of radish and if it has had ideal conditions for its growth, you can be enjoying organic radishes in about 30 days.

3.- Beets

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Beet is another of the most common crops in urban gardens and orchards in pots. As in root vegetables, tubers and bulbs, it’s important to ensure the soil has good water drainage not to accumulate and rot. Place the beet in full sun and avoid being in the shade of other plants. Depending on the variety of beet and growing conditions, after 90 days, you can start harvesting organic beets. Read about growing beets.

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