Adding Water Features to Your Garden Using Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of design which considers the flow of energy to determine the placement of buildings, furniture, landscape features and much more. This energy is known as “Qi” (pronounced chi) and it is believed to be the life force that flows within everything. The goal of Feng Shui is to create an environment that has a pleasant flow and arrangement to it, as this will make the area more attractive and calming.

Whether or not you believe in cosmic life forces and ancient energy, there are a lot of great design tips in the discipline of Feng Shui that you can use to help you create a more beautiful garden. Create a peace haven in your garden with beautiful water features that will surely embellish the greenery around your house.

The Sound of Flowing Water

Water is a universal symbol of abundance and according to Feng Shui there are a few rules as to where you should place a water feature in your garden. The best placement is traditionally in the East, Southeast or North corners of your garden.

If you have a river, fountain or other flowing element, the direction in which the water flows are also important. The water should flow towards your house, rather than away from it. This is because water represents wealth, so you want the wealth to be flowing in your direction.

Feng Shui Guidelines for Garden Water Features

Of course, there are other guidelines to keep in mind when installing a water feature in your garden which will help to keep the “Qi” flowing smoothly.

It is important not to let the water in your pond become stagnant, as this will cause the “Qi” to collect there and it will not be able to flow freely. Install a fountain to keep things flowing. This will also help to prevent algae and mosquitoes from finding your stagnant pond a welcome home.

Another important thing to consider is the size of your water feature. In Feng Shui as well as in general landscape design principles, a water feature that is too large will dominate the garden and overpower everything else, so make sure that you keep it in balance with all other elements in your garden. Accurate planning and visualization are critical to ensure a successful outcome. In order to figure out how much pond liner you will need to purchase, take accurate measurements of the hole dug for your pond and then use an online pond liner size calculator for an accurate measurement.

Feel free to add some goldfish to your pond, as they are not only considered lucky in ancient Chinese beliefs, but they also add a lot of visual interest and entertainment as you watch them swim around.

Whether or not you believe in invisible life energy or you simply want to create a well-designed and attractive garden, keep these tips in mind when installing water features.

Materials needed in the construction of a pond include flexible rubber pond liners, pond pump or fountain pump, lighting, and edging material. By using a pond liner size calculator to determine the correct size of pond liner and protective underlay to order, you will greatly reduce wastage. Planning is essential to make sure that your water feature fits in proportionately with your pond and other features of the garden to balance the Feng Shui of your garden.

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