Garden lovers Gardening and landscaping Beautiful Flowers That Blooms Quickly in Your Garden (Part One)

Beautiful Flowers That Blooms Quickly in Your Garden (Part One)

Some flowers take lots of time to bloom why others take only a few months to grow. And in today’s article, we bring you a few plants that grow annually and bloom quickly. Enjoy!

These plants will bloom two months after sowing – not as fast as from purchased seedlings, on the other hand, faster than perennial flowers that start blooming two years later. In addition, germinating flowers is much cheaper because there will be many more seedlings.

Another advantage is that most of these plants sow themselves, so next year you will have many flowers on the plot, free of charge.

Blueberries (Centaurea cyanus)

Most species of blueberries are perennials, but there are also annuals, such as centaureamontana, which are sown in early spring after the last frost. The seeds like cool weather, the seedlings can withstand even relatively low air temperatures. You can also sow these blueberry seeds in mid-summer – for a change.

Blueberries are very fond of beneficial insects – borages and others.

Germination after 8-10 days

Blooms after 50-60 days

Marigold (Calendula officinalis)

Marigolds also like cool weather, they can be sown in early spring after the last frost. In warmer countries, marigolds bloom year-round. Marigolds are often confused with serenity. The old species of marigolds had a single row of petals, now there are species with several rows of petals, only the former reproduce better.

Germination after 10 – 12 days

Blooms after 40 – 50 days


Of all the flowers that can be grown from seed, cosmos seem to be the least fancy. They grow on dry land, do not fear the cold, bloom into beautiful multicolored flowers. The cosmos attracts pollinating insects. It blooms quite late, around midsummer, but blooms until the frosts. Seeds are sown after the last frost, when the soil has warmed up a bit. The most popular species is cosmosbipinnatus, whose flowers resemble chamomile.

Germinates after 3 – 10 days

Blooms after 70 – 84 days

Sow flax (Linum usitatissimum)

Annual flax germinates very slowly, so mark its place so you do not forget and plant another flower there. Patience, that’s all what flax needs to bloom. Flax is very often sold as a mix, so if you only want blue or pink, look in specialty stores. Flax is sown after the last frost. They are quite soft, so it will be helpful to plant them near more robust perennials. Pick up the blooming flowers, and the flax will bloom several times. Flax multiplies by attaching itself.

Germinates after 18 – 21 days

Blooms after 50 – 60 days

Serenades (Tagetes sp.)

Serenades are very popular, probably because they are easy to grow. They can only be sown in the ground when there is no risk of frost, or you can start them at home to germinate 4 – 6 weeks earlier, then transplant them to the ground. Serenades repel hares and some worms.

Germinates in 4 – 12 days

Blooms in 60 – 70 days

Sukutis (Ipomoea purpurea)

Twigs are fast growing climbers. Once you sow them, you will enjoy beautiful flowers for many years – sukutis sow and multiply themselves. If you control their reproduction, you’ll be pleased. The shrubs are difficult to lift for transplanting, so it is best to sow them in place immediately after frosts. Their seeds have a very tough skin, so cut them and soak them overnight before sowing. If you are moving indoors, use peat or cardboard pots. Swirls flower late, with wars only in August.

Germinates in 7 – 10 days

Blooms after 90 – 110 days

There you are you now know which flowers to grow easily and quickly in your garden! Do you want to learn more? Come back to check out the second part of our article. Until then: we would like to know what your favorite flower is. Share more about it in the comments below!

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