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Best Patio Plants to Grow

For whatever reason, your patio is where people like to gather as there is more space to move around. Your patio is like a living room in your yard. If you are a plant lover and you don’t have a large yard or green space outside the house, then you can opt for having plants that can grow on your patio. Having an array of live plants and flowers can be kind of a challenge, but believe it or not, some great plants will grow just fine on the patio. Anyone can enjoy a lush of outdoor space even if it happens to be pretty compact.

It is known that plants make any outdoor space more magical as they have shown to improve human quality of life, regenerate oxygen into the air, and they embellish the space. Plants add a little magic to any home that lacks in outdoor space. These plants are super easy to plant and to take care of, even for those who believe they could kill anything green. Here are different plants that are perfect for growing on a patio.

Citrus – All kinds of citrus, most commonly lemons, limes, kumquats, oranges, and tangerines, can be grown in large containers on patios. All citrus plants are frost-tender in cold climates, plan on bringing the trees inside to a sunny window or greenhouse. If you notice that the citrus leaves are beginning to yellow or drop, then there can be a sign of nitrogen deficiency. There should be a supplementary watering with a weekly or bimonthly feeding of diluted organic fertilizer during that growing period.

Lantana – These plants are great in the sun and easy in drought tolerant. Patios are a great spot for these plants to grow as they tend to spread out. These plants are mostly fruitless. There is another colorful combination that makes it look great on any patio.

Euonymus Emerald and Gold – This attractive evergreen shrub makes a useful and reliable addition to any patio or garden. The golden yellow variegated foliage brings a bright splash of year round color, that turns to shades of pinkish red during periods of cold weather. It is important that you provide a structure to it when it’s growing as it thrives in almost any position. It is a must-haves for low maintenance gardens.

Begonia – These plants come in a staggering range of colors and types. Some are grown strictly for their showy foliage. Usually treated as annuals, they are good for both indoors during winters and best for outdoors as they are a little messy because they drop leaves. Begonias prefer shade.

Lamb’s Ear – This plant is a hardy perennial that has a soft foliage that resembles little lamb’s ear. These are nice in making edging plant that can be found in both lawn and patio. You can also add them to mixed planters. The positive point with this plant is that they grow in almost any type of soil and prefer full sun but also likes a bit of shade.

Fuchsia – Do you like shady patios that are well-decorated with greens? Well, this plant is ideal for you, this dramatic annual is for you! Available in different shades of red, purple or pink, these are absolutely gorgeous draping over the edges of hanging baskets or window boxes. Also hummingbirds and butterflies love them.

Four O’clock – You may have seen them at your grandma’s place, these old-fashioned annuals have the trumpet-shaped flowers that open in the late afternoon. Just as the name suggests. They grow easily from the seed, you can either grow them near a window or the deck where you can enjoy their sweet scent.

Japanese Maple – These make a lovely container plant as their delicate foliage practically shimmers when placed in a bright spot on the terrace. There are many varieties such as Crimson Queen and Orangeola which have spectacular fall foliage. Opt for a bigger container for potting up the Japanese Maple and keep it in a spot where there is full sunlight in cooler areas and afternoon shade in hotter areas. These delicate trees are best grown away from places where there is too much exposure to wind. If you are opting for growing it on the balcony or patio, then look for a place that is sheltered. Remember to keep the soil consistently moist.

Bamboo – This plant is a fast-spreading menace when grown in the ground but a dramatic specimen when it grows in a large container where there is no space to grow further. This plant is ideal if you don’t want your neighbors to pry on your privacy.

Caladium – These plant put up a great show when displayed on the patio. Caladiums do not prefer cold weather, when exposed to winter, the bulbs will grow slowly or not at all in cool soil. These plants spring to life overnight as the summer temperature increases. There need to be an average water and it should be a pest-free disposition to make caladiums an easy additions to the container garden.

New Guinea Impatiens – One of the best potted plants, they do equally good in shaded outdoor areas or indoor as a houseplant. Be sure to take care of it regularly, especially in the months of autumn, where there is an abundant bloom. The best way to keep this plant is to hang it in a basket, while keeping the plant in a bright area where there is indirect sunlight.

Now you can setup that garden of your dreams without spending too much on extravagant pieces.

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