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The Advantages of Having a Vertical Garden

Vertical gardening is all about using your vertical space to grow vegetables. This method is done by hanging containers on a sunny wall. For years, traditional gardeners have done similar things with climbing plants such as squashes and beans. By opting for vertical gardening, you can grow non-climbing plants on a wall. Isn’t great?

There are tons of benefits of vertical gardening. The moment you start investing in it, you will realize that it not only saves a lot of space but it is much easier to maintain, produce better crops and help to prevent pests and disease issues.

Keep on reading if you want to know more about the benefits of vertical gardening :

Benefits of vertical gardening

One of the most important and biggest advantages of vertical gardening is that it saves a lot of space in your garden. Even in a small space, you can grow a lot of vegetables. However, there are a lot more amazing reasons to own a vertical garden. It is one of the best means to grow your favorite food and flowers. It is very beneficial for your garden and plants.

1. Growing in small space

Sometimes it is a good idea to grow your vining plants vertically instead of letting them sprawl on the ground, in that way, they take less space. By opting for vertical gardening, you can grow more plants in smaller spaces such as your deck and patio. You can have piles of plants grown vertically.

2. Grow in non-traditional spaces

One of the biggest benefits is that you can make use of all the spaces which you could not in terms of traditional gardening. You can choose to grow your plants vertically by using containers and place them in the sun whenever the sun is out. Use spaces like a sunny driveway, hanging the pots from your balcony or even from the rooftop.

3. Adds aesthetic beauty

Let’s be honest, when you grow your plants vertically, it adds aesthetic beauty. It will surely make your guests watch with interest and awe. You can choose vertical structures and supports which can help to create privacy and smartly cover all the imperfections of your house. It can also add garden rooms or secret spaces to your yard.

4. Disease prevention

Climbing plants are the less favorite of fungus and disease. Hanging your plants are more advantageous as it keeps the plants healthier. Another benefit is that while hanging them, it will prevent them from rotting.

5. Pest prevention

When you get your plants on your walls, it keeps them away from pests. It is the easiest way to grow vining plants while protecting them from pests. Make sure that you encircle your plants with a fence in order to protect them from animals.

6. Easier to harvest

One of the greatest benefits of owning a vertical garden is that it is easier to harvest. It is all because your plants are at your eyes level and it will be much easier to spot your vegetables or fruits. On top of that, most of your harvest will be hanging on their growing support.

7. Easy to maintain

Another benefit of vertical gardening is that it is easier to maintain your garden. Using this method keeps weeds, pests, and diseases away from your plants, Thus, you just need to feed your plants with adequate fertilizers, mulch, water, and sunlight.

8. More sun exposure

If you have a shady garden, a vertical garden can help your plants get more sun as they will be hanged on a height. You can opt to grow those which don’t need much light, under the vining plants.

9. Gives you privacy

You can choose to grow a green wall which overshadows your windows or doors. It not only keeps it hidden from strangers but also gives you shades from too much sunlight and some privacy from onlookers.

10. Better airflow

When you opt for vertical gardening, it also allows better airflow among your plants which means that your leaves will dry faster and prevent fungus and diseases.

11. Grow indoor

Did you know that you can do vertical gardening indoor as well? It can be used as a nice interior decoration. You can grow some plants on wheeled containers and keep them indoors. Trust me, it can be used as a great room divider. Whenever your plants need sunlight, you can drag them out by using the wheels in your container.

12. Reuse your waste

Don’t want to throw away your favorite pair of old shoes? Well, you can use them again as a container to enhance your vertical garden. You can use plastic bottles, old shoe organizers, a broken ladder, basket or cans. It will look aesthetically pleasing.

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