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Grow Culinary Herbs in your Garden

Having a herbs collection in your garden is always a good idea. Imagine having a huge collection of herbs to concoct new recipes. For culinary lovers, this is a dream come true. Even if you do not have space in your outdoor, opt for growing them in pots indoors. You can put them by your kitchen window, that way you can just chop and use them on the spot. Isn’t that a great idea? I am sure that this hack will take your cooking to another level.

Add that hand-picked taste to all your holiday dishes by growing culinary herbs in by your kitchen window all year long. To be honest, in order to cultivate healthy herbs, it does not require any kind of special equipment, all you need is to give them your attention, plenty of water and sunshine. Within no time, you will have a bunch of healthy herbs which can also serve as decoration for your kitchen. Just imagine how awe-struck your guest is going to be!

How to proceed you ask?

Well if you are a gardening lover, it is pretty clear that herbs should be in a spot whereby they can grasp at least six hours of sunshine daily. In addition to the sun, you should make sure that the pots that you are using have a good drainage system as an excessive amount of water can ruin the herbs.

Now let’s get to the types of culinary herbs that you can grow in your indoor garden space!


Basically, chives should be planted outdoor first before you transfer them into pots. You should dig up some clumps of chives by the end of their growing season and replant them in your pot. Make sure that you leave the pot outside until all the leaves dry off. When winter season strikes, put the pot back inside to the coolest room of your house like the basement. After a few days, place it by your brightest window and within no time, your chives are ready to be used.


Buy a cutting of rosemary. The next thing to do is to keep it in a moist soilless mix until you see the roots. Make sure that you put your pot by a south-facing window. Once the cooler season starts, your kitchen will start smelling good and fresh. You will yourself being hit by a natural air freshener every time that you enter the kitchen.


Late fall or early winter is essential for the tarragon to grow better. Transfer a mature tarragon plant from your outdoor garden to a pot. Leave it outside until the leaves dry out. Bring it inside in your coolest place for a few days, then place it by a south-facing window for as much sun as possible. Do not forget to feed it well with liquid fertilizer.


You can grow your thyme indoors by rooting a soft tip that you can cut from an outdoor plant or just dig up the whole plant and put it in a pot. Thyme is in love with sunshine and will grow only when they face an eastern or western direction.


All you need to grow basil plants are the seeds first. Plant those seeds into a pot. Make sure that you put the pot in a place where it will get a lot of sunshine and warmth.


Chervil should be grown during late summer time. This aromatic herb is also famous under the name of French parsley. It grows better in low light. It needs a temperature ranging between 65 to 70 degrees to thrive into fresh chervil.


The best way to cultivate oregano is to plant the tip of the plant which you have freshly cut from an outdoor oregano plant. Once it has been planted, wait for it to grow by facing a south-facing window.


Bay leaves grow best when you use the container gardening method. Make sure that you place the pot in an east or west facing direction and make sure that the place is not too crowded as bay leaves hate crowd. It needs a proper air circulation system to grow healthily.


Cut the tip of your sage plant and plant on a pot indoors. The best thing about sage is that it can tolerate dry and indoor air. However, it needs south facing window sunshine to grow beautifully.


Parsley is one of the fresh and aromatic herbs of your kitchen. You can choose to plant them from their seeds or from a clump from your garden. They like a lot of sunshine and will slowly turn into a fresh plant when you put them by an east or west facing window.

Now you are ready to grow your herbs! Herb it up folks!

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