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Points to Consider When Installing Garden Lighting

During fall and winter, it gets dark early outside, and lighting becomes more important. Good lighting helps keep you safe while walking and also prevents burglary. Besides, lighting also adds ambiance and allows you to enjoy your garden at night. Are you planning to light up your garden? Use these tips to help you out!

Lighting With or Without Cables

Installing outdoor lighting can be a daunting task. Many people opt for lamps that have to be connected with cables. The cable must then be dug firmly into the ground and laid with a special connection to prevent short circuits. Today, however, this can be done more efficiently. For example, there are many beautiful solar garden lamps. They are powered by solar energy, collected in a small solar panel. The power generated is temporarily stored, and the lamp automatically turns on when it gets dark.

Focus On the Function of the Lights

Garden lights have a variety of functions. In general, there are three.

Anti-theft lights are lights usually used on windows and doors—for example, a solar outdoor lamp with a sensor. When a person approaches, the light turns on. Such lights also help protect your home against burglars as they can detect mysterious presence.

Lighting to see where you are walking– This lighting is comfortable and convenient, especially for elders. For the elderly, outdoor lighting is necessary. When an older person falls, the damage is often severe. Lighting can help prevent falls by allowing people to see what they are doing and where they are walking, even in the dark.

Light to create an atmosphere in the garden– For this purpose, soft or indirect lighting is often the best choice. In any case, choose lighting that looks good during the day so that you can enjoy it at any time. You can also choose different lighting for a more modern garden.

Solar Path Lights

Solar Path Lights


Lighting Plan

Now that you know the function of lighting, it’s time to plan your lighting. Make an accurate sketch or drawing of your garden. Then plan where and how you will place the lighting. You will probably use many different types of lighting. The lighting plan should clearly show what is needed for the lighting to work. You will only need lamps for solar lighting, but for other types of lighting, you will need to install cables and switches.

Always Choose LEDs

There are not many stores left where you can buy light bulbs anymore. Therefore, many people are choosing energy-saving lamps or LED lamps. Halogen lamps are also used for lighting in the garden. However, neither energy-saving lamps nor halogen lamps are sufficient for use in gardens. Still, the energy consumption is high, and garden lighting is not cheap. If you need new lighting for your garden, always go for LED lighting.

Installing Lighting on Balconies and Rooftops

Do you have a balcony or roof? Then you can illuminate it. You may use large lamps or a few small lamps as well. You can also use party lights or LED strips for added effect. Try to think outside the box. There are more possibilities than you think. For example, you can play with different colors of light and various types of lamps together.

Consider the durability of the outdoor lighting to ensure that it can withstand daily wear and tear and harsh weather conditions. Some outdoor lighting is only meant to be used for a few weeks, while others are made to withstand specific weather conditions. You should choose one that can withstand these elements and anything else that might trip over the light fixture.

 garden lighting idea

Garden lighting

What kind of lighting did you opt for your garden? Let us know in the comments below!

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