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How to Keep Mosquitoes Away from your Garden?

I understand that while you want a healthy and beautiful garden, there are a lot of sacrifices to make. Like a child or a pet, your garden also need your time and attention. With a beautiful garden comes great responsibilities and mindfulness. Especially during summer and rainy seasons, whereby mosquitoes will meet to have fun on your expenses in your pretty garden. Let’s be honest, having a bunch of mosquitoes near your house is very annoying and prove to be potentially dangerous as they are renowned to spread diseases or to simply keep you awake by buzzing near your ears.

If you have babies at your place, it is important that you keep your garden healthy and mosquito- free so that your baby and yourself stay safe from mosquito bites. It is important to do so especially if someone from your family is allergic to insect bites. With all the viruses that these bugs spread, it would be better that you think a step ahead from them. It is better to eliminate them than to suffer later on. Let’s just keep calm and stay ahead of the disease-carriers.

Below are some tips to help you keep your garden safe from mosquitoes :

1. Put out scented candles or lanterns

Well, rest assured! We are not planning a romantic dinner with the bugs or inviting them to bite us. Imagine that you invited friends over and want to have dinner outside. It would be quite difficult with the guest scratching themselves due to mosquitoes’ bites or keep pushing the insects away with their hands. That is why this is the time to create a mood lighting by using those scented candles which you were keeping as decor in your house.

If you are planning a late night party, lasting candles would be a much better option. You can either use a citronella one which are effective at repelling mosquitoes or any wax containing geranium which is considered to be a better option. Whatever option you choose, always make sure that all your candles have covered the areas which your guests are going to cover. Always check the instructions on your packaging before placing the candles accordingly.

2. Get rid of stagnant water

Mosquitoes and standing water are the best buddies as they always seen hanging out together. If you want to be safe from bugs, make sure that there is no standing water anywhere in your garden. Check all toys, flower pots, the plates under the pots or in your garbage can. Poorly drained yards, kid’s pool or badly maintained ponds can attract a lot of mosquitoes.

To avoid any nuisance, it is always safe to keep standing water away from your yard. Always do your best to empty every bucket in your garden or keep your guest away from ponds or kid’s plastic pools. The only area you do not have to worry about is your swimming pool as the chlorine found in it is enough to keep the insects away.

3. Plant natural repellents in around your garden

Make use of natural resources to keep mosquitoes away from your garden. It has been scientifically proven that some plants naturally release defensive chemicals to ward off insects. However, this tactic does not work until the plant feels that it is being harmed. Be wise and fill your garden up with citronella. Before hosting your next party, make sure that you rough your citronella up! Stay safe naturally.

4. Always cover your feet

According to Thomas Scott, PhD., professor of epidemiology at UC Davis, mosquitoes who are more likely to spread a virus always attack the lower body first. Mosquitoes love sweat and are attracted by the one between your toes. Always make use of your repellent or wear socks if you want to be protected from mosquitoes.

5. Dress to protected

Mosquitoes are attracted by dark colors. That is why it is always recommended to wear light colored clothes if you are going in a mosquito area. Opt for long sleeved clothes which covers your arms and legs. So, be wise and leave the black and navy clothes behind. Embrace you summer and pastel tops.

6. Be smart and tent your eating area

If you are planning a small party and want the mosquitoes to stay away, the best option would be to tent the area where your guests will be eating. That way you will not be concerned if your food is being sprayed with repellents and it will also keep all kinds of insects away from your friends and family. You will find many tent options in the market where mosquito net accessories option is also attached to it.

7. Opt to eat indoors If necessary

Some mosquitoes attack during the day while some at night. The best way to avoid bites is to simply have your get together inside. Be smart and stay indoors!

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