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Why is gardening important?

Community gardens are famous for bringing people together. It has been proven that the presence of a garden in a society has improved interactions between people. Since access to gardens and green spaces has increased, they have noticed that their cities’ crimes rates have decreased. Working in a community garden evokes a lot of feelings such as a sense of belonging, ownership and personal agency. This activity improves social activism and is good for the elderly who often face loneliness.

Group gardening is considered to be a great activity. Nevertheless, some people see gardening as me time activity and they love spending some time alone with their plants. They can still contribute to the community through gardening efforts. All they need to do is invite a neighbor over while they need help for cutting flowers or watering them even though you can do all of these alone. It is great to have some company over from time to time and gardening is the perfect excuse. Garden is not only an aesthetic feature for the gardener’s home but it is also a pride for the neighborhood. Share your passion with your community people. It is good for making great friends.

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