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Ideas to Help You Create a Relaxing Corner in Your Garden

Ideas to Help You Create a Relaxing Corner in Your Garden

Ideas to Help You Create a Relaxing Corner in Your Garden



    – Option 1: Create a resting spot in the shade of trees

    – Option 2: Create a relaxing nest of greenery and flowers

    – Option 3: Create a relaxing garden spot by a water feature

    – Option 4: design an intimate sunbathing area in a grove of grasses

    – Option 5: improvise a night-time relaxation area to observe the stars


In spring, with the first ray of sunshine, or in summer, with warm afternoons and starry nights, there is nothing more pleasant than having different garden corners dedicated to rest and relaxation.

Taking a nap, lounging, sunbathing, rocking, chatting with a friend, dreaming, and contemplating the beauty of your garden is possible! How about a resting spot in the shade of the trees? An intimate nest of greenery and flowers? A sunbathing terrace in the heart of a grove of grasses? A relaxing spot by the water or in a place specially designed for night-time relaxation and stargazing?

To do so, follow our suggestions to create a cozy corner in the garden, shade, or sun.

Option 1: Create a resting place in the shade of trees

If you have a garden with trees, take the opportunity to install a resting place in a grove or the shade of your favourite tree. Depending on your wishes, dedicate this shady spot to solitary rest or a conversation with two or three people.

Tip: for places with sweltering summers, install this resting spot in the shade of a tree with dense foliage (oak, chestnut…); if the summers are cool, prefer, for example, the light shade of willow or a fruit tree.

Create a solitary resting place dedicated to napping, reading, daydreaming

    – Hang a hammock between two trees or on a stand.

    – Attach a hammock chair or a basket to a stable branch.

    – Install a simple lounge chair, which you can move as you wish. Next to it, a light coffee table will allow you to have a book or a cold drink at hand.

Create a relaxing area for two or three people to talk

    – Set up a circular or hexagonal wooden bench around the trunk of a large tree.

    – Place a pedestal table and two or three light garden chairs to sip coffee or a cool drink while chatting in the shade.

Option 2: Create a relaxing nest of greenery and flowers

Ideas to Help You Create a Relaxing Corner in Your Garden

If you don’t have trees in your garden, or if you like romantic spots, create a comfy nest of foliage and flowers from scratch.

Plant an arbour covered with vines

Nothing is more romantic than a wrought iron arbour covered with climbing plants (roses, clematis, Volubilis…) to create an intimate and relaxing cocoon, a little out of the world.

Create a green or flowery alcove

At the bottom of the garden or the end of a path, create a plant nook where you will place a bench leaning against a hedge. Opt for:

    – a green alcove cut into a bower;

    – or a flowering arch, which will require less maintenance.

Option 3: Set up a garden seating area next to a water feature

If you have a water feature in your garden (pond, pool…), creating a small resting place near it is worthwhile. You will enjoy the spectacle of your aquatic plants floating on the water, the evolution of your goldfish, and the soothing murmur of a fountain or a waterfall.

    – Place a bench at the water’s edge: choose a rustic one or, better yet, salvage an old bench from a flea market. Place it so you can enjoy the spectacle of the water and a lovely garden view.

    – All around your bench, plant clumps of light or aromatic perennials: gauras, perovskites, lavender, asters for the fall…

    – Plant mint in front of the bench: it will give off its fresh scent every time you come and sit down.

    – If you feel like it, give a romantic touch to the decor with an archway filled with roses and a large pillar overgrown with ivy.

Option 4: Design an intimate sunbathing area in a grove of grasses

For privacy, plant a grove of tall grasses (miscanthus, stipas…) arranged in a circle or square, with just a narrow opening:

    – In the center, create a wooden deck or a paved terrace, where you can place a deck chair or a sun lounger.

    – If necessary, anchor an umbrella firmly in the ground to transform this sunbathing area into a nap area when you feel like it.

Option 5: improvise a relaxing night spot to watch the stars

Nothing is more pleasant and relaxing than lounging in a deck chair on a beautiful summer night, looking up at the stars, and perhaps listening to a classical concerto.

Of course, you can place your lounger anywhere in the garden, but it will be even more pleasant if it is in a place designed to be lovely at night:

    – environment planted with white flowers, which absorb and multiply the colour of moonlight;

    – scented plants, for even more magic: ornamental tobacco, night-blooming beauties (Mirabilis jalapa), and moon flowers (Ipomoea alba);

    – lighting with discreet spotlights, small solar bollards, and some solar light objects.


Hope this post helps you create your garden corner. Remember to share your experience!

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