How To Design A Landscape Plan?


Want to create a beautiful landscape plan? Don’t know where to start? Rest assured that you don’t need to be an excellent draftsman to do this. You will, of course, need to sketch your plan on paper and stick to it. What would be the steps for a landscaping plan?

Draw the basic plan


The basic landscape plan is also known as the site plan, which is the first element in the mapping process. At this level, put all the permanent structures for implementation. These are the essential and unavoidable components of outdoor space. Since these are the essential structures of the plan, they must be given the space and time necessary for their realization. These are :

    • The paths
    • The pool
    • The garden

For an excellent result, let a professional in the field help you. Take the trouble to make photocopies of your different tests so that you can keep everything and make the best final decision.

Adding the contours of the flowerbed, walls, and paths

After the plan is developed, you will need to think about adding contours to the flower bed, paths and walls. What is this really about? The plan already provides for a garden, a pool, a garage perhaps, and a shed if necessary. In reality, after the plan is made, it is necessary to provide contours to facilitate the flow of traffic in the garden. It is practically a form of adjustment.

So it will be a matter of providing pathways for easy access to these elements. The contours will provide easy access for mowing the lawn and perfect circulation of water and electricity. There are a number of possibilities that you can use as inspiration for your plan. However, do it in relation to the appearance of the house and garden.

Add the green cover


After planning the main elements of the plan, the secondary elements will need to be considered. This will, of course, include trees, shrubs, and the like.

Locate the trees

Depending on the landscaping plan chosen, think about the implantation of trees, shrubs, and conifers. However, it is important to avoid unpleasant surprises due to lack of space, in the long run, root encumbrance, etc. What can be done to avoid all this? The first step is to plant the largest trees.

The easiest way to do this is to find out what kind of plants to put in. For aquatic plants, a garden pond would be a better idea. It is then necessary to inquire about the adult state of the plants to be planned and see if they are well suited to long-term expectations.

Planting perennials

Not all perennials have flowers when they bloom. It will be necessary here to also inquire about the color of the flowers or the foliage at the time of flowering. This allows you to adapt the desired perennials to the appearance of the garden.

This is the only way to create an attractive garden that meets the owner’s taste. It will also be necessary to find out about the type of soil and the state of sunlight in the environment to know which plants are best adapted. This will also facilitate the clearing of the garden.

Good to know


The realization of landscaping plans is now easy and assisted by innovative tools. These are landscaping software. Landscape professionals use them for their various interventions. They are also suitable for novices.

However, you will have to sort out and select the most suitable tool that offers the various necessary functionalities. Get help and choose the software best suited to your needs. You are probably already dreaming of aromatic plants in your future garden. Do yourself a favor!

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