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Cut Flowers: How to Successfully Do It

Flowers add sparkle to a room and often give off a pleasant scent. A bouquet of flowers, for instance, can create a little everyday luxury.

Give a beautifully composed bouquet, place a single flower in a vase in the bathroom or unleash your creativity in a large bouquet. But how do you properly cut your flowers? Not sure what to do? Chill! You can simply check out the tips below to make your cut flowers a success.

Choose Your Cut Flowers

Fresh cut flowers bring life to the environment in which they are placed, and if you have selected them with a little more care, your bouquet will often be more personal.

  • Where do you want to place your bouquet of flowers?

Think about where you want to place your cut flowers. What does the background look like? On the living room table or in a large hallway, a proper bouquet in a beautiful vase may work best, while a smaller arrangement looks nice in the bathroom.

  • Which cut flowers are in season?

It’s always nice to adapt flower bouquets to the season. Each season offers many beautiful flowers that show how wonderful spring, summer or fall can be.

  • How do you achieve a harmonious balance in the bouquet?

Don’t be afraid to mix flowers of different sizes and shapes. Choose one or two main flowers that stand out a little more and combine them with smaller varieties and preferably a little green.

  • How to make the bouquet more personal?

-Wrap purchased cut flowers with flowers from your own garden. This will give you a more personal touch and you can also enhance the bouquet with homegrown flowers if the others start to fall off, simply by picking new ones from the flowerbed.

Cut Flower Care

Don’t forget to protect the cut flowers you’ve just purchased so they don’t dry out. If it takes more than an hour for your purchased flowers to get into the water, you should wrap a damp paper around the ends of the stems. Protect the flowers from drying out, sun and cold by wrapping them in paper.

TIP! Feel free to leave the tulips in the plastic for at least an hour when you buy them. This will prevent them from drooling.

Cut at an Angle

Make new oblique cuts at the bottom of the stem for about three centimeters with a sharp knife. Tulips can be cut directly. Cutting them off will reduce the ability of the flowers to absorb water. Remove any leaves that end up in the water, to reduce the risk of bacteria.

Choose the Right Vase

Choose a vase that is tall enough for the flowers to stand upright. Bottles, jars, bowls and glasses can be used as vases, as long as they are clean. If the bouquet is already tied, you can leave the ribbon in place to help the bouquet hold its shape.

Adequate Amounts of Hot and Cold Water

Fill two-thirds of the vase with hot water for hard-stemmed flowers like roses and one-third of the vase with cold water for soft-stemmed flowers like tulips.

Don’t Forget Plant Nutrients

When buying cut flowers, use plant nutrient that comes with each bunch of flowers. It will make the flowers stronger and last much longer without wilting.

Water Refilling

Refill with water every other day, tulips are thirsty and may need to be refilled more often. Watch the water level in a clear vase, feel with your finger or measure with a tape measure how much water the flowers have swallowed. You can also set an alarm on your phone to remind you when it’s time to refill the water.


Avoid placing flowers in direct sunlight, near a feature or near fruit. If you have the opportunity, you can place them in a cool place overnight, preferably on the balcony.

There you go! With those tips, you should be good to go to successfully cut your flowers. What’s your favorite flowers? Let us know in the comments below.

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