Garden lovers Gardening and landscaping How to Create an Enchanted and Mysterious Garden?

How to Create an Enchanted and Mysterious Garden?

How to Create an Enchanted and Mysterious Garden?

I’d like you to recognize that we are meant to be curious beings and mystery is inevitable, entailing a sense that there is more to life than what one can see. These last few years, for example, I have really come to appreciate the importance of mystery in keeping the romance in my long-term relationship alive.

One of the world’s best theoretical physicists, Albert Einstein, for example, spoke about the significance of appreciating what we do not know. While he may not have been referring to gardening, his approach can be applied to a philosophy that mystery has its place in a garden too.

Generally speaking, what’s wonderful about having your own garden is to have an intimate place where you can break from the constant craziness of your daily life and calm your senses. But, wouldn’t it be rather amazing to showcase magical tricks in your garden that could pique your curiosity and conjure up enticing images like maybe a clandestine meeting in the shadows of a beguiling garden?

#1. Incorporate Mystery as an Inherent Quality of Nature

In an effort to blend minimalism and simplicity with cultivating outdoor mystique, we’ve asked some renowned landscape designers for their tips for adding a sense of mystery to a garden.

Mystery is a word that always leaves something to the imagination and such phenomenon should always be inherent in its engagement with nature and should never be manipulated in a futile attempt to create outdoor visual appeal. It’s tricky but if you want to turn up the mystery in your garden, you should make it look natural and not as if you were forced to play with the seasonal forces around you.”

#2. An Unknown Destination

An Unknown Destination

There’s nothing more compelling than walking down a path to see where it leads to.

This is a magical trick that can coerce any visitor to walk through a garden.

Think about a pathway of clipped green lawn that can lead someone into the unknown.

Instead of opening into one big open space, you could have the path leading to separate areas of the garden. The planting on either side of the path could include ornamental grasses and tall perennials which would play the role of impeding a clear what of what lies ahead. And, when a view is partially obstructed, you can’t help but wonder where it leads, eventually drawing you into explorer mode.

#3. An Antique Garden Gate

An Antique Garden Gate

If you want to spark imagination, you have to make witty choices that can cultivate curiosity with a touch of adventurousness. However, there’s nothing about black aluminum or modern split-rail gates that can evoke a sense of mystery. Except for a pair of elegant antique doors.

Now, I know that many are not interested or hate to be surrounded by antique stuff, but it’s worth bearing in mind that a garden with a rustic touch can make a huge impact and increase the layers of mystery in a garden.

#4. Add Architectural Fragments

Add Architectural Fragments

Landscape designers agree that focusing carefully on exquisite architectural pieces like time-worn gargoyles to ancient temple treasures can be a subtle way of introducing mystery into a garden. A simple strategy is to place these items closer to the main viewing point. Ancient garden ornaments get bonus impact if they are carefully placed towards the back of the garden, even if it’s as simple as a partially disguised, secret seating area obscured by foliage.

#5. Embrace the Focal Points

Embrace the Focal Points

For those interested in practical tricks, playing with focal points is one of the strategies used by landscapers to evoke mystery, which can transform a garden into a place of discovery. You can use that small bright spot of color, a birdbath or even a tree to create an instant mystique effect.

So, ready to instill mystery into your garden?

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