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Decorating Your Roof Terrace: Inspiration & Ideas

Roof Terrace

Having a roof terrace is already a great luxury, but what about a roof terrace with stylish furniture? This is something you can enjoy for years to come. Installing a roof terrace is not an easy task, at least not without the right inspiration. Here are some tips to help you out!

1) Decide on the Placement of the Roof Terrace

The first step in designing a roof terrace is the layout. Are you mainly going to relax with friends? Then consider a lounge set or sofa. Will you be using the terrace primarily by yourself? If so, a chair and a small table may be all you need. Do you plan to sunbathe here, or do you want a long dining table with a barbecue? Consider the size of your roof terrace. In some cases, you may only fit a chair and a small table, but some roof terraces allow you to create several corners with different functions.

2) Plant Some Greenery on the Roof

Just because you don’t have a yard doesn’t mean you can’t make your roof terrace look like a garden. You can make a simple planter or put a giant palm tree on your roof terrace. It is cozy, creates a tropical atmosphere, and serves as a local shelter.

Roof Terrace Plants

Roof Terrace Plants

3) Accessories to Beautify the Roof Terrace

Furniture is mainly functional, but you can also create an attractive terrace with accessories only. Place cushions on the chairs and have a checkered pattern (nice and warm) rug on the floor. In this way, your roof terrace will also look like an extension of the living room. If you’re lucky, you’ll spend more time here than in the living room in the summer.

4) Providing Shade and Shelter

The weather can be very changeable. One day it’s 25 degrees with no wind, but the next day you can’t go outside without a coat. Adjust the roof terrace accordingly. For example, you can use umbrellas or casual linen sheets to create shade on a hot day. With a divider, you can enjoy the weather on your roof terrace without being blown away by gusts of wind.

5) Decorate Your Patio With Weather-Resistant Furniture

When choosing outdoor furniture, of course, you need to consider the weather. You can store cushions and other items, but you should not be able to leave your furniture unattended. It is pretty challenging to find suitable and inexpensive furniture, but of course, you can do it yourself. Use pallets to make your daybed.

Patio Umbrellas and Shade

6) Light it Up!

On warm summer nights, it’s nice to sit on the terrace for a long time, and if you can turn on the lights at dusk, it’ll be very cozy. Our favorite? The string lights! These lights can be purchased at any home improvement store and can easily cover the entire surface of the terrace. You can also place candles, lanterns, oil lamps, lanterns, etc., to create the right atmosphere.

7) And Heat Up!

We suggested putting plaid or blankets on the terrace, but of course, you can also heat your roof terrace. There are many different types of patio heaters, including electric ones and old-fashioned fire ones. The latter is, of course, the cheapest and most attractive solution. For example, you can place a fire pit on your terrace, put a few logs in it, and you are done.

Roof Terrace Fire Pit

Roof Terrace Fire Pit

Even if you only have a small roof terrace, you can create a beautiful and functional roof terrace, depending on your design. As long as you have inspiration, you can have a beautiful terrace even in winter!

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