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6 Types of Gardens You Can Plan For

We all want gardens that will marvel everyone when they look at it. It is quite normal that there are many different types of gardens. The two simplest types of gardens: Flower gardens and vegetable gardens. It might seem daunting to figure out what type of garden you want. The two types of gardens are quite famous, it is self-explanatory. Well, not really, there are various types of gardens that you can plan for and you can choose from. If you are confused, then here is an overview of the most popular types of gardens that you can choose from.

1) English country garden

English country gardens are very popular among people of European origin and lovers of the English countryside. As the name suggests, English country gardens are composed of plants and flowers that are generally found in the English countryside. The types and varieties of plants and flowers used vary depending on the part of the English countryside that you are trying to recreate. English country gardens very often include wildflowers, rustic wooden or stone benches, and water in the form of ponds or small observation ponds.

2) Victorian Garden

Victorian gardens are also very popular, especially among older gardeners. Victorian gardens can incorporate many types of plants and flowers, but they also usually feature stone statues, cherubs, or gargoyles, lots of Victorian roses, colored balls, and fairy balls, as well as benches or stone paths.

3) Japanese Garden

Japanese gardens are becoming increasingly popular, although they can be difficult to recreate if you do not have much land for your garden. Traditionally, Japanese gardens have a small structure in the heart of the garden, a house or tea room overlooking the rest of the garden. Japanese gardens incorporate traditional design elements that usually include rocks, water in the shape of a stream or lake, a lantern somewhere in the garden, and a bridge or steps.

4) The French Garden

French gardens are always formal and are generally the type of gardens found in large houses, hotels, theaters, and other attractions. French gardens are arranged in precise geometric and symmetrical patterns that follow a grid. Many formal gardens have mazes of hedges and topiaries, or plants and hedges cut to resemble animals, people, or shapes. French gardens were popular landscape designs, often used by English nobility to dress their country houses. It was not at all uncommon to see a precise and highly decorated French garden in the middle of the English countryside.

5) The Native Garden

The idea of a native garden is a relatively new concept that is spreading in the United States and is attracting many new people to gardening. The idea of a native garden is to use only plants and flowers that are native to the area where you live. Environmentalists say that planting native gardens will help the soil and provide a refuge for local animals, preserving the ecological balance of the area. Fans of native gardens believe it will give a more natural look to the landscape.

6) Tropical Garden

Tropical gardens are popular because they are often full of exotic plants with deep, beautiful colors and lush foliage. Tropical gardens are surprising, but they are the most difficult to create because delicate tropical plants only grow under very specific conditions. Maintaining a tropical garden is a bit like maintaining a saltwater aquarium – both explode in color, both are exotic and mysterious, and both take a lot of time, knowledge, and effort to stay alive.

Gardens are somehow a safe haven for people to relax and especially during this pandemic, they have been an oasis of happiness and food source. So, the nest time, you are planning for a garden, then do consider these above points.

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