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The Art of Growing Spinach at Home


Spinach is one of the healthiest foods you can eat. The leafy greens contain lots of good nutrients that benefit your body in many ways. Add a handful of spinach to your salad, smoothie, or evening stew, and you’ll easily get the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants you need.

It doesn’t matter if you have fresh spinach in your fridge or stock of frozen spinach in your freezer, it’s still packed with good nutrients. But wouldn’t it be great to have your own fresh spinach patch at home that you can harvest straight from the garden for the day’s cooking?

Spinach 101: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

We think that fresh, home-grown baby spinach is one of the best things ever, especially when it’s an easy-to-grow vegetable that can be harvested within a month. You can grow spinach in different ways depending on where you can grow it. An important point to consider for a good harvest is to use good, nutritious soil. You should also make sure that the crop gets enough water. Below, we give you more detailed tips on how to grow them at home.

The Best Time to Grow Them
We think it is best to start growing in late spring, around May. But you can also begin the growing process in autumn. Spinach thrives when the weather is cool and the days are not too long. When it starts to get warm and the nights are no longer dark, the flowers start to appear, leaving us with fewer leaves.

How to Sow Spinach?

Spinach Growing Tips
Depending on where you will grow your crop, you can sow the seeds in different ways. Either scatter them directly into the soil or plant them in rows, for example, in pallet pots or small tubs on the balcony. If this is not possible, you can create a slightly smaller crop in a pot.

Growing Spinach Indoors
If you are growing spinach indoors, it is essential to make sure that the seeds get enough sunlight. Preferably on a windowsill with good light for most of the day, but where it is not too hot. In months when the sun is not too bright, you may need to use grow lights.

Growing Spinach in Pots
It is fine to grow spinach in pots. But for that, you should use nutrient-rich soil and be aware that the soil can dry out more quickly than in the garden, so be careful about watering. Place the pot in a well-lit area.

Growing Spinach on the Balcony

How to Grow Spinach in Pots | Growing Spinach in Containers & Care |  Balcony Garden Web
Of course, growing in pots, tubs, or boxes on the balcony is excellent. Be sure to water as the soil tends to dry out quickly. Use nutrient-rich soil as well.

If you have a balcony next to a road, it may be a good idea to wash the leaves a little more to ensure that any dirt is removed before eating them.

Growing Spinach in Winter
Spinach can withstand low temperatures and can therefore be sown in late autumn. You can even grow spinach on frozen ground. If you want to harvest spinach in winter, it must be grown before it gets too cold and dark. You can cover them with fiber cloth to protect them from the cold to be on the safe side. If you grow the spinach in late autumn, around October, you can probably harvest it before winter.

Harvesting Spinach
Spinach usually grows relatively quickly and can be harvested at any size, depending on what you think is best. Before they have grown too much, the leaves are small, and many people call them baby spinach. If you let them grow longer, the leaves will become more prominent and have a bit more structure.

You now are more informed to better grow your spinach at home. Don’t forget to leave a comment in the section below to let us know how the process went.

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