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How to Create a Romantic Garden?

There are many romantics among us who always like to live in a world full of passion and romance. So, for that passion-driven audience out there, these following garden ideas will help you feel like you are right in a Jane Austen novel!

#1. Create a Private Entrance

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A romantic garden is not open to everyone. Compared to the usual extrovert garden with an open gate, a romantic garden entrance should be solid and private, with a lock on the gate. And, you can even soften the entrance with some delicate vines or smooth-textured plants.

#2. Create a Seductive Mood With Paths

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Is it just my hormones (and you know what hormones I am talking about) or do serpentine pathways always seem to create a sort of sensual vibe?

A serpentine path is an interesting path design in a garden that takes the curved shapes of objects or designs, which are reminiscent of a snake’s shape. And, you know what they say about snakes? These serene creatures can attract their partners with their alluring and seductive charms. Hmm, I guess that whoever came up with this garden design had some fairly wild ideas in mind.

#3. Flowers Are a Must

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If the first thing you thought about when you read this title was beautiful and luxurious flowers, then you are not alone. Instead, you are just like me. And, if you are a hopeless romantic too, then you need flowers to release the spirit of romance in your garden.

If you have a white picket fence, you can start by covering it with lovely rambling roses and believe me, this is one of the classic shortcuts to a romantic garden. Moreover, you can plant peonies, hydrangeas and lilies all-around your garden and it is totally up to you to choose between the shades of color such as red, pink, orange and blue.

#4. Garden Water Fountains

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Who remembers that stunning romantic scene between Mia and Nicholas in The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement? But, if you ask me, what I remembered the most was that passionate kiss they shared.

Coming back to the topic, a water fountain in a garden can attract a range of birds and good insects. Water fountains can also provide a calm and soothing aura. For instance, that trickling water will help to make your garden space much more relaxing and you will immediately notice how it will set a romantic mood. And, who knows you might also share a hot and steamy kiss in front of that fountain with your own Nicolas.

#5. Garden Benches

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Now, we cannot forget benches as seating is one of the most important elements for a romantic garden. So, you can place the benches along with some luxurious pillows and then all you need to do is to sit down, appreciate and enjoy the beautiful scenery with your partner.

#6. A Hammock

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Did you know that what flowers cannot do, a hammock can? A hammock can open doors for a lifetime of romantic moments. A hammock is not only the best place in your garden to enjoy a nice book and pass the afternoon away, but it also provides a great bonding for couples.

When it comes to hanging your hammock, always make sure to choose an area in your garden that can properly support it. For example, I like to place my hammock between wooden deck beams or between strong tree branches.

Let me tell you that you can also organize a cute hammock date and all you will need is your hammock and your sweetie pie. And, it won’t hurt if you also bring in some snacks and drinks.

#7. Lights and Lanterns

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Good lighting is a key element for a romantic garden. So, I recommend you to hang some string fairy lights over your tall standing trees or some other structures found in your garden. These fairy lights will not only make your garden look more appealing and inviting but will also set the perfect romantic mood at night.

Furthermore, you can also add some hanging lanterns.

Will you use these tips? Please share your comments!


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