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How to Grow Your Lavender at Home

Just smell it. In other words, absorb its scent, and with a very simple gesture, you will have your mood improved, stopped stress and anxiety. This fantastic discovery comes from researchers at the University of Kagoshima, Japan, who have managed to connect lavender, through the sense of smell, to our mood. With surprising results.

Lavender is a classic plant that cannot be missing in our garden, on the terrace, or even simply on the balcony. For the scents it emanates, for the colors it gives, for the fact that it attracts bees for pollination (other carriers of well-being). At the same time, lavender really has a thousand uses, from cooking to cosmetics, passing through the most banal one: a fantastic linen-scent.

Its very characteristic color between blue and lilac and its scent make it one of the most beautiful plants with which to decorate the terrace or the garden of the house. But did you know that it is also rich in important healing properties?


Curative Properties of Lavender

In fact, from this plant, it is possible to obtain an essential oil useful in case of anxiety, insomnia, and to fight flu, cold, and cough: it has analgesic, antiseptic, and antibiotic properties.

Not to mention that lavender essential oil can relieve muscle pain and has a diuretic action and healing properties: a few drops are enough to get relief in case of cuts, wounds, insect bites, and jellyfish rashes.


How to Grow Lavender in a Pot or in the Garden

Lavender is, therefore a perfect ally, not only for personal care but also for the home. So let’s see how to grow lavender simply in a pot or in the garden:

  • For starters, you can choose whether to grow lavender from seeds or from cutting. In the first case, the sowing period is during the autumn for the temperate climate areas and spring for the colder areas.
  • On the other hand, starting from the cutting is the most practical way to proceed with cultivation. In this case, try to use sprigs of lavender with a stem at least 10 cm long.
  • You can choose whether to grow lavender directly in the ground or in pots.

  • It is a plant that requires space to grow, so if you decide to start growing in the garden, make sure there is some space between one plant and another. If, on the other hand, you choose to grow lavender in pots, remember that it is necessary to repot in a larger pot and with fresh and drained soil during the spring.
  • Lavender prefers the sun to grow, so always place the plant in a place with plenty of light.
  • Do not overdo the watering, and above all, make sure that no stagnation of water is created that could cause the plant to rot.
  • To promote drainage, it is instead necessary to mix the soil with organic matter.
  • Before fertilizing lavender, wait at least 2 years and then choose an organic product. It is necessary to proceed with fertilization during the spring season when the plant begins to grow again and at the end of summer after the flowers have been harvested.
  • To have lavender in its full splendor, it is necessary to wait about 3 years.
  • Finally, as far as pruning is concerned, remember that lavender should be pruned every year immediately after flowering.


How to Perfume Home With Lavender

With the fragrant lavender flowers, it is possible to make many DIY bags with which you can perfume cabinets and drawers. After harvesting them, it is sufficient to leave them to dry in the sun. You can also try to make small colored bunches with which to decorate and perfume the rooms of houses or use lavender flowers to prepare many scented soaps.

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