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Tips for Creating Your Modern Garden

Modern style gardens have been trendy in recent years. On the one hand, they reflect our times with its hectic pace of life and high technology; on the other hand, they serve as a kind of refuge where you can relax and be alone with nature. Are you looking to create your modern garden? Then you are at the right place! In this article, we tell you how you can create a contemporary and peaceful garden.

What Are the Main Characteristics of a Modern Style Garden?

The modern style can be described as eclectic, as it has absorbed the characteristics of several areas of landscaping at once – minimalism, the Japanese garden, and the now fashionable ecology.

Minimalist Aesthetics

Performing many tasks at work, overloaded with information, tired of urban life chaos, we aspire to a simple, understandable, and free space, where it is easy to breathe, where nothing distracts or disturbs.

In a modern garden, the style is embodied by clear lines and strict geometrical forms, which can be found in the layout of paths and lawns, in the configuration of flowerbeds, ponds, terraces.

The design is not overloaded with details – they use a minimum of accessories, a limited number of plants. They prefer a limited palette and exquisite shapes of ornamental shrubs, conifers, and cereals to bright garden flowers.

The style is characterized by modern materials – concrete, stone, paving stones, polymer composites, glass, and metal. 

A Haven to Unwind

The modern style perception is close to the Japanese garden with an atmosphere of peace, tranquility, and harmony with the surrounding nature. To create it, the designers make intensive use of the essential elements of the Japanese style:

 – natural stone paving;

 – gravel dumps and dried-up streams;

 – artificial reservoirs in all their forms – fountains, ponds, streams;

 – compositions from plants of the same type.

The fashion trend is to reproduce a natural landscape in miniature and show its natural beauty.

A Cozy Place

The authenticity of a natural landscape is not a reason to deprive oneself of comfort. The modern style is characterized by maximum comfort for a good rest and to welcome guests.

Often, the area with a terrace and open paved space is an extension of the living room. It is not just a place to sit outdoors, but a comfortable room with sofas, armchairs, a dining area, and comfortable sofas. From the barbecue area to the mini-golf course, you should have everything you enjoy in nature at your fingertips.

To ensure relaxation with maximum comfort, it will be a great idea to afford it, to invest in a small swimming pool. If you have children, provide a separate corner with a swing, a play area, a children’s house.

Minimum Maintenance

If you want your modern garden to be a place where you can have a good time, it is essential to keep maintenance work to a minimum. There are many techniques and technological devices available to solve this problem.

 – Automatic irrigation systems eliminate the need to stand with a hose.

 – Lawns, paved areas, and decorative fill will save you from weeding and loosening.

 – Perennials and ornamental shrubs instead of annual flowers will reduce the time it takes to plant annuals.

With these details in mind, you will enjoy relaxing in the garden rather than wasting time on complex gardening.

Two Additional Ideas for a Modern Garden Design

Here are some garden design ideas that will help you understand the essence of modern style and perhaps inspire you to transform your own:

Exciting Geometry

By building a composition on straight lines and geometric shapes, you can transform a bridge from the classic regular style to minimalism. An idea to highlight your garden is to frame standard flower beds and create additional volume with a sheared boxwood border.

The Use of Monochrome Colors

To add modern trends in your garden, you can trace clear boundaries between lawns and stone surfaces by using green shrubs instead of flowering plants, hence achieving a monochrome color palette.

Have you started your modern garden already? Don’t forget to share your experience in the comments below!

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