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6 Balcony Plants That Can Be Grown in Pots

Nothing gives a feeling of solidity to a garden like balcony trees can provide. However, this can become difficult if the garden is constraint in terms of space. But we all want trees, even in pots, even though we know they won’t reach dizzying heights. Any tree can be grown in pots, but which one can live there for a long time and achieve a shape similar to those grown in open grounds? Whether it’s a small balcony or a large terrace, transforming this domestic space into an oasis that is always blooming and fragrant is possible for all those who love gardening with these plants:

The fundamental principle is to always start from young specimens, up to one or two years old, accompanied by periodic re-potting that guarantees the roots’ health and prevents them from becoming too tangled and thickened, leading to radical suffocation. It is necessary to be vigilant concerning pests and setbacks, to be patient and continuously attentive to cultivation practices.

1) Pomegranate

It may seem insignificant, but pomegranate is a very suitable choice if you want a tree that needs little care. In autumn, the leaves turn a rich golden yellow, and the fruits are highly decorative. As it is not a plant that likes a cold and rainy climate, it is very suitable to be grown in places where the summers are dry and the winters mild.

2) Lemon and Small Citrus Fruits

Any gardener, even a beginner, knows that citrus fruits have an excellent yield, even in pots, especially lemon and kumquat. In regions with warm climates, these plants can safely be grown outdoors.
For the cultivation of citrus fruits in pots, the famous “Versailles vases” were invented, with a square shape, easy to place next to each other and transport. The winning idea is the choice of a somewhat particular variety, perhaps in the form of the fruit or the rind’s color.

Oranges, Fruits, Oranger, Agrumes, Arbre, Feuilles

3) Maples

No list of balcony plants is complete without mentioning the maples. These plants grow well in pots. Some species and varieties have a dome shape, often asymmetrical, similar to that of a large bonsai, making them even more suitable for pots than for open ground. They grow relatively slowly, so arm yourself with good patience.

Feuilles, Feuilles D'Automne, Feuille D'Érable, Arbre

4) Dwarf Conifers

Another classic and acclaimed choice in cold climates is the cultivation of dwarf conifers. Usually, preference is given to the more classic fruits, such as pears, apples and cherries, which guarantee a harvest, although not comparable to a tree grown in the ground.

Nain Sapin Bleu, Sapin, Conifère, Une Succursale

5) Tree Shrubs

Even a shaded terrace, closed on several sides, can have a green and tropical appearance with the right choice of shrubs. Schefflera, Pachira, Cordyline, Yucca, Echium, Bougainvillea, oleandri, Lantana, Grevillea, Radermachera, Ficus, Plumeria, Hibiscus, Gardenia (this should be purchased already mature), Callistemon, and many others, will give the green and tropical look to your balcony or terrace. If you live in areas with mild winters, you can keep most of it outdoors.

Feuilles, Arbuste, Patron, Forme, Veine, Nature

6) Jasmine

Very fragrant, especially at night, jasmine is perfect for brightening up your balcony with a touch of colour and intense perfume. It is characterized by blooms ranging from white to yellow to reddish.

Remember that in addition to being a gorgeous and simple scented balcony plant to grow, jasmine is also an evergreen climbing plant placed on wooden grids resting on walls or alongside railings to create beautiful fragrant and flowering vegetative walls. A very common variety is the yellow jasmine, also known as ‘St. Joseph’s jasmine’ (Jasminum nudiflorum), with golden flowers that bloom as early as March.

Duftjasmin, Jasmin, Arbuste Ornemental, Jasminblüte

Which among these plants are you planning to grow on your balcony? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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