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How to Produce your own Liquid Fertilizer from Vegetable Scraps

Liquid fertilizers are often costly. In this post, you will learn how to produce your own liquid fertilizer to boost your soil fertility. Vegetable scraps will be your main ingredient. The method is pretty straight-forward: add water to the scraps and let it sit for 24 hours.

Benefits of organic fertilizers

Different from chemical fertilizers, organic fertilizers bring down acidity in the soil and prevent leaching (loss of water from water-soluble plant nutrients from the soil). They don’t kill beneficial microorganisms in the soil. Organic fertilizers add soil organic matter, alter soil structure and preserve essential nutrients to help your plants to grow well.

Things You Will Need

Equipment: Five-gallon bucket + a thick stick (to stir and blend the mixture) or a blender (the one in your kitchen) + a watering can
Ingredients: Water, vegetable scraps
Sleeping time: Allow the mixture to sit for 1 day

Let’s begin…

Start by saving all your vegetable scraps in a plastic bag and save them in your freezer until you have a full bag. You can also save the water from boiling rice, which is a good source of micronutrients. The starches will encourage soil bacteria, while the minerals and vitamins will add small amounts of NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium) to the soil.

Producing your own organic fertilizer

When you have a full stock of vegetable scraps, take them out and mix with the rice water. You can either use a blender or stir hard with a thick stick until you get a puree which will form the base of your fertilizer. Pour the puree into your bucket. Stir well and let it sit overnight. On the following day, fill your watering can with ¼ of water and add the puree in it.

Now you can water your plants with your fully natural/organic fertilizer.

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