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What Are The Specifics Of A Classic Garden?


Would you like to create a garden for your outdoor space? It is a tempting idea and the dream of many homeowners. More than a simple space dedicated to vegetation, a garden is, above all, a place that should soothe (thanks to its appearance) and relax.

To do this, the garden’s design must respect many elements:

    • The layout.
    • The choice of plant species.
    • The garden furniture.
    • Especially the type of garden to be designed.

In this context, you have the choice between the English garden or the classic garden. The latter is more and more appreciated for its many qualities.

What is the classical garden?


The classical garden or French garden is a concept whose origin goes back to the 16th century. Its organization generally follows the outline of the garden models of the Middle Ages, that is to say, that the gardens constituted a coherent whole with the castles.

The concept of the classical garden has been revived today. Indeed, many owners choose this type of garden for aesthetic reasons but also for practical reasons. Due to the lack of space, the layout had to be adapted, which does not detract from its qualities.

The distinctive elements of a classic garden

The classic garden is easily recognized by its singular appearance where order, coherence in the layout, and symmetries reign.

A particular organization

In medieval times, gardens were places particularly dedicated to walks. Thus, the organization of the garden’s constituent elements revolved around this use. The same concept is applied today. Also, the classical garden emphasizes geometry and visual quality, combined with optimal functionality. In concrete terms, the French garden relies on the presence of wide paths, stairs, terraces overlooking the entire space, fountains, and garden furniture.

A typical choice of plants

Nothing is left to chance in a classic garden, whether it is the layout or the choice of plants. Indeed, much of the charm of this type of design depends on the plant species that compose it.

Trees and Shrubs


These are more or less distinctive features of the classic garden. However, shrubs or hedges are not used to delimit the garden but to emphasize the notion of geometry. Also, the shrubs are perfectly aligned and regularly pruned to respect this organization. The trees are ideally placed at the bottom of the garden. They are adorned with low, particularly green or colorful flowers.

The flowers

The arrangement of flowers is one of the particularities of the classical garden. Flowers are present at all levels. We can distinguish the beds along the paths or low plants and decorative plants in this case.

Fruit trees

The presence of fruit trees is undoubtedly the most characteristic feature of the classical garden. In addition to citrus trees, which are the most frequently used, it is also possible to opt for oleanders and possibly palm trees. In general, fruit trees are placed in pots, which allows them to be protected effectively in winter.

The ground covering

Contrary to other types of gardens, the classic garden does not need a specific floor covering. Thus, no grass is gravel, which allows underlining the contrast between the plants and the ground. Paths and stairs can be bricked up to facilitate circulation in the garden.

Contact a specialized company to design your garden


If you too wish to create a classic garden at home, call on a landscaper. Most landscaping companies specialize in outdoor landscaping: the creation of swimming pools, gardens, and all landscaping work. Contact a company that will be at your disposal, study, realize and advise you for all your projects according to the possibilities and your expectations.

Sound off in the comments section below and tell us what you want to read next and if you want to read more about landscaping and designing your garden.

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