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Which Soil for Which Use?

Many gardeners use potting soil as a substrate for field crops and potted plants.

What Is a Potting Soil?

It is a growing medium. It allows plants to grow easily. Potting soil provides the nutrients necessary for plant growth and ensures their assimilation.

There Are Several Types of Potting Soil:

  • Universal potting soil;
  • Potting soil for potting and sowing;
  • Horticultural potting soil;
  • The heather soil;
  • Potting soil for green plants or in pots;
  • Potting soil for vegetable garden, etc.

The choice of potting soil depends on the use you will make of it because potting soils have very variable qualities.

Universal Potting Soils: For Tree Planting

These are the most used, the easiest to find, and practical for planting shrubs and trees. However, universal potting soils are not ideal for potting plants or flowering plants requiring a very acidic soil pH.This is because they are made of several composted materials.

Les Plantes, Sol, Casseroles, Outils, Jardinage, Table

Seeding Potting Soils: To Facilitate the Rooting of Plants

This type of potting soil is very aerated and light. This is due to its composition: perlite and sand. These elements allow the potting soils to facilitate the rooting process of young shoots. They also enable other repotted plants to resume their growth quickly.

Horticultural Potting Soils: For Growing Flowers

Horticultural potting soils contain nutrients that are essential for the growth of flowers. Unlike the previous potting soils, these are mainly made of composted manure and peat. This type of potting soil is generally dedicated to cultivating flowering shrubs and flowers.

Heather Soil: For Planting Hydrangeas, Azaleas, Camellias

Like horticultural soils, heather soil is also acidic. It is suitable for all plants that require low pH soil to grow: azaleas, hydrangeas, camellias, magnolias, rhododendrons, etc. There are two possibilities:

Either the heather soil is made of a mixture of pine bark, peat acid, and composted material;
Or it is obtained from forest heather soil.

Fleur, Semis, Croissance, Plante, Terreau, La Graine

Potting Soils for Green Plants and Potted Plants

As its name indicates, this potting soil is intended for green plants and potted plants and flowers. It also has the same composition as the universal potting soils. The only difference is that the former is rich in fertilizer.

Potting Soils for Vegetable Garden

If you want to plant vegetables, vegetable garden soil is needed. It is made of organic and composted materials containing potassium, phosphorus, nitrogen, and other nutrients.

Turfgrass Soil: For a Beautiful Lawn

Turfgrass potting soil is slightly different from other potting soils because it is very fine. It should be spread over all the grassy areas. This will result in a beautiful green lawn.

Potting Soils for Cacti and Succulents

These are extremely rich in sand and contribute to the drainage of the soil or pot. This prevents the roots from drowning.

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