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Daily Aquaponics Maintenance Tips


Aquaponics is the practice of raising plants and water-based creatures such as fish in the same space. It’s a carefully managed biosphere that maximizes nutrient and energy use. This allows for the production of a large amount of fish protein and veggies in a small space while using very little water. In our previous articles about aquaponics, we’ve covered various topics that will be useful for beginners, so you can check them out.

A novice may be hesitant to set up an aquaponic system because they are scared of the risks that might come with it. Obviously, no one wants to invest money in a business that they might not make a profit from.

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How effective is aquaponics?

So, how effective is aquaponics? Well, this is a hard question to answer, although most, if not all, aquaponics systems generate some level of profit when properly managed. As a result, it’s critical to understand what happens in an aquaponics system to be able to get all the advantages and avoid any losses.

Here is a quick look at what you can do to maintain the proper conditions of your aquaponics for it to work.

What Should You Do Daily?

Feed Your Fish

Because your fish are such a vital component of your aquaponics system, it’s critical that they are properly fed. Feed them twice a day (or at least once a day), once in the morning and again before sunset.

After 30 minutes, remove any uneaten food and adjust the serving size for the next day. Waste and uneaten food can decay inside the system, which can be extremely toxic to aquatic species, and food that has rotted can spread disease and deplete dissolved oxygen.

Check The Temperature Of Your Fish Tank

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Your Water Temperature Is Very Important

Each fish needs a specific water temperature. So you need to check your water temperature daily and make sure that it is good for your type of fish. Do a little research about the fish you are raising in your system, and adjust the temperature accordingly.

Be cautious as a temperature that is too high or too low may kill your fish.

Scan for leaks

It’s possible that there are leaks somewhere in the tanks or pipes if the flow of water through your aquaponics system is dangerously low or if you find a pool of water at the bottom of your setup. Obviously, if not handled, this could lead to water drainage concerns, resulting in a nutrient deficiency in both crops and fish. If you find yourself in this situation, quickly repair any holes or leaks and refill the water supply.

Observe if air and water pumps are functioning properly

When the water and air pumps fail, there are two main causes. One of the possibilities is that there is a power outage or the second reason might be that the pumps are malfunctioning. You should rectify the problem right away in either instance because dissolved oxygen levels will decline without the pumps. If your pumps are broken, you should replace them as soon as possible. Also, in case of an emergency, consider building a backup power supply or generators.

Examine the system’s water circulation.

To achieve appropriate aeration, proper water circulation is required. If there are any barriers in your system, eliminate them as quickly as possible.

This is your daily checklist for your aquaponics system; if you want to read more about the maintenance of your system, you might want to read part 2 of this article. With good maintenance, you won’t have to worry about any significant damage. Let us know in the comments if you maintain your aquaponics system daily.

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