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5 Indoor Plants to Grow in Your Apartment

Houseplants can add a lot of charm to your office or home. You’ll be happy to spend some time caring for plants indoors when winter weather delays other hobbies you might enjoy in warmer weather. Growing plants indoors is not too difficult, and gardeners are otherwise a bit at a loss during the winter months when just about everything outside is dormant. Bring your garden inside and enjoy the hobby even when it’s bitterly cold out.

More and more people are discovering that growing houseplants is a very satisfying and rewarding hobby. And because the homes we live in today are lighter, warmer, and more or less draft-free than they used to be, there is less chance of your plants suffering dramatic temperature changes during the day or night. A whole new range of plants from around the world can now be successfully grown indoors. The plants I have selected here are all easy to grow and require only primary care.

Five plants for a very shady location.

Aspidistra elatior

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In Victorian times, this plant was known as the ironman. This was because it tolerated poor light, neglect, and fumes from gaslighting. However, this plant is at its best when well cared for. The large leathery leaves are a glossy dark green. They do attract dust, so sponge the leaves off with water every few weeks. Some people say adding a few drops of milk to the water while sponging helps against scale insects. Store in a cool, shady place. Avoid direct sunlight. As a treat, but the plant in a shady spot outside during the summer months. Repot only when necessary. But do scrape off some of the topsoils each year and replace them. Water liberally in the summer. In winter, less so.

Ficus pumila

Ficus Pumila 'White Sunny' | Buzzard Reptile

Or Creeping Fig is a relative of the rubber plant. A fast-growing creeping plant, with its small heart-shaped leaves, and can look beautiful. Likes a cool, shady location. To promote growth, pinch out the tops. Feed-in the spring and water well. This plant should never be allowed to dry out.



Hedera algeriensis "Gloire de Marengo", Algerian ivy

Climbing plants from Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Canary Islands. Hardy, climbing, and trailing plants. Easy to grow in a wide temperature range. Ivy’s prefer shady sites. (variegated varieties prefer lighter conditions). However, if the room is too warm, they become susceptible to spider mites. Water a lot in summer, less in winter, occasionally feed in summer. Regular watering of the leaves with clean water dramatically benefits the plant. Cuttings can be taken in the spring and summer; these roots very quickly.

Monstera deliciosa

Monstera Deliciosa: Growing and Design Tips for a Tropical Houseplant

This is a climbing plant that can be very striking. This plant produces large, glossy, dark green leaves. These deeply perforated leaves can grow up to 18 inches long. If a sturdy stick is used to support this plant, it can grow as tall as 10-12 feet. Indeed, stick support is essential. Cut off the top, just below an aerial root, if it grows too tall. This cutting can then be planted in rooting compost. This plant prefers a shady, draft-free location with good natural light. In summer, feed once every two weeks. Water well, but allow the pot to dry out a little between waterings. In winter, less water is needed. The plant will benefit if the leaves are sponged regularly. Use clean water with a few drops of milk for this purpose.

Philodendron scandens

From Tropical America and the West Indies. With heart-shaped dark green leaves. Easy to grow, climbing houseplant. Pinch out the buds to get a more bushy plant. Place in a spot with good natural light, not in direct sunlight. Allow the top half-inch of the potting mix to dry out between moderate waterings. Water well in summer, but keep just damp in winter. Give liquid fertilizer during the growing season. Spray the leaves with water to keep them clean.

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