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12 Mosquito Repellent Plants

When temperatures start rising, we start thinking about enjoying the warm summer evenings, perfect for firing up the barbecue, dining, or drinking with friends in the garden. It’s all fun and games until we hear a suspicious buzzing around the ears, and a horde of flies has gathered around the appetizers in no time. Luckily, we’re help to help you out! Here are some tips and plants used to get rid of pesky flies and mosquitoes on the terrace, in the house, and the garden.

1) Catnip

The aroma of this herb is reminiscent of a cross between mint and lemon. The plant contains a substance called nepetalactone: almost unpronounceable to us but entirely intolerable for mosquitoes. Extra warning: mosquitoes stay away; cats love it.

2) Tagetes

Commonly known as “marigolds” and “stinkertjes”, they are not only a colorful ground cover but also repel all kinds of insects, including mosquitoes. Avid gardeners often place these flowers next to tomatoes, for example, to keep flying or crawling mosquitoes away.

3) Basil

It is best to place this plant in a sunny spot because basil needs a lot of light. The plant repels mosquitoes and flies, and you can also treat mosquito bites with it. Roll the leaves of the plant between your hands and apply the released oil to the mosquito bite.

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4) Peppermint

Most insects dislike both the smell and taste of peppermint, so they prefer to stay at a great distance from the plant. Have you been bitten? Just rub a leaf over the sting, and you’ll immediately notice the difference. Mint is prolific, so it is best planted in a pot.

5) Lemon

Lemon balm is related to mint and is a perennial plant. It does not require a lot of work: it withstands drought and even grows in the shade. It does a great job as an anti-insect plant. Besides, lemon balm is also used as a seasoning for soups and omelets, and a tea made from the leaves counteracts stress and insomnia!

6) Rosemary

Not only is it tasty, but it also repels mosquitoes. Moreover, rosemary is also Ideal for a garden party or barbecue. It gives out a pleasant scent, and as long as the herbs are burning, you won’t be bothered by those buzzing leeches!

7) Geranium

Geraniums have beautiful blooms and are an excellent choice for keeping insects away—a few on your bedroom windowsill and no more buzzing at night. The lemon geranium, in particular, works wonders, even though it doesn’t have large flowers.

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8) Lavender

Lavender has a lovely scent that keeps mosquitoes away. Put a pot of lavender by your bedroom window, and the plant will keep mosquitoes away, as well as calm you down. You can also put lavender oil on your skin.

9) Citronella Herb

This herb is the best way to keep mosquitoes away. Plus, the plant’s scent is much stronger than those in processed products such as citronella candles. Citronella is an easy plant that can grow up to five feet tall. In a pot, it is a real eye-catcher.

10) Snowbrush

The snowbrush is also called Ceanothus Velutinus and is related to the buckthorn. The plant grows in northern America. Ancient American tribes used the plant for colds, laryngitis, and elevation. The plant has white flowers, and snowbrush naturally repels insects and mosquitoes.

11) Tea Tree

Tea tree has a natural antiseptic and antibacterial effect. This tree is found in the wild in Australia. People there discovered that the leaves have a beneficial effect both against skin diseases and against mosquitoes.

12) Pitcher Plant

The pitcher plant grows in the tropical rainforest of South America and parts of North America. There are several varieties, but they all have one thing in common: carnivorous and attract insects. The pitcher plant is therefore effective against mosquitoes.

Pitcher Plant Giant Tropical Pitcher, Nepenthes

Have you ever used any of these plants against mosquitoes? Were they effective? Let us know in the comments below!

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