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How to Save your Bonsai Tree

This blog post follows my previous post on How to Check if your Juniper Bonsai is Dead. So, after carrying those few checks, you are still unsure if the bonsai is dead, but it appears like it is almost dying.

You will notice one of the following symptoms:

• Thin branches
• Colored spots in the leaves
• Insect eggs clinging under the leaves
• Spots on the trunk
• The tree has stopped growing
• Dried leaves

You truly don’t ever want to see this happening. But if it is indeed happening, do not lose hope. The following tips will be helpful for you.

Trim the Roots
Healthy roots normally have the same color as the trunk; if you can see the roots have turned into a black or dull color, then, most likely the tree is diseased. Trim the roots and brush away loose dirt from the roots Then, cut all the affected leaves and branches.

One hopeful remedy is to re-pot your bonsai to provide the tree with new and fresh soil. This will prevent the roots from choking and the tree will not starve. It is important to remove all of the old soil to avoid contaminating the new soil.

Add a booster
It pays to feed the tree with Miracle-Gro or similar a product as this water-soluble all purpose plant food will instantly feed your little bonsai to grow bigger and more beautiful. Within one week you will notice new leaves and the tree will be looking healthier.

Hope these few tips will help you save your bonsai. Remember to share your comments below as a token of appreciation.

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