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How to regrow 6 vegetables & 6 fruits in your kitchen!

Do you want to eat self-produced organic food? On top of being economically beneficial, growing your own food helps reduce pollution as you won’t need to use your vehicle for transportation. Without the use of harmful pesticides, you can regrow your own food in a small available space in your house or property. So, here is your chance to grow food in a sustainable way and contribute to sustaining our resources on this planet.

6 Vegetables


Slice a potato in 2 parts. Leave them to dry overnight on a piece of tissue paper with the cutting side facing the tissue paper. Transfer to soil with eyes facing upward. After 1-2 weeks you should start to see tiny leaves growing.


Cut the head of one lettuce. It should be about 5 cm long. Place it in a glass filled with 6 teaspoons of water with the tip head of the lettuce facing down. Transfer to soil after 5-7 days.

Green Onion

Cut off the green part above for use in your dish. Keep the white part (the bottom part), leave about 2 inches or 5 cm. With the roots facing down, allow them to stay in a glass of water filled with 6 teaspoons of water for 5-7 days before transferring to soil.


Cut off what you will eat and leave 2 inches or 5 cm from the tip of the head. Repeat the same step as for green onion with the head facing down. Transfer to soil after 5-7 days.


Cut an onion about 2.5 cm from the bottom while leaving the tip of the head with some flesh. In a pot of soil, place the onion with its head in a downward position and cover it with soil. Wait for leaves to grow within 2 weeks.


Each tomato can have hundreds of seeds. Cut one tomato in half and place it in a pot half filled with soil. Vary the size of the pot according to the size of the piece of tomato so that there is enough space for a maximum amount of sprouts. Then, cover the tomato with soil and finish by spraying some water over on the soil. Keep in a warm spot like the top of a refrigerator.

6 Fruits


Take a lemon and cut it into half. With the help of a spoon remove all the seeds. Rinse well, but do not dry them. Cut half of a soda plastic bottle (2 litres). With a pair of scissors, make small holes at the bottom of the bottle and fill it with soil. Place the lemon seeds on the top, then cover them with some soil and spray it with some water. Now, cut another bottle (1,5 litres) and cover the soil with it. You have created your own DIY Greenhouse! Keep it in a warm spot and wait for the sprouts to show up within 1 month.


Each strawberry could be having around 200 seeds. With a toothpick, remove the seeds one by one from the skin and collect them on a tissue paper. Rinse and dry in a warm spot for 2-3 days. For best results, use a container made from carton. For example, a coffee carton cup. Fill it with soil, spread the seeds on top of the soil, then cover it with a thin layer of soil. Spray some water on it to keep the soil moist. Note that you will have to transfer the plants to a larger pot after six weeks as strawberry plants like to spread out.

Cherries, Apples, Pears

These are the easiest to grow. Place their seeds on a tissue paper and cover them with another tissue paper. Place it in a plastic box container (anyone which you can find in your kitchen) and spray water all over the tissue paper. Close the box with its lid. Refrigerate until sprouted and replant in pots. It is as simple as this!


Each raspberry has around 100-200 seeds. You can easily collect the seeds by using a tea filter to keep the raspberries that you would have gently smashed with your fingers. Rinse and dry the seeds, then repeat the same steps like for strawberries to plant the seeds. Additionally here, you will cover the cup with some thin cellophane and use a toothpick to press in the cellophane so as to allow air to circulate to the soil. Keep in a cool and well-ventilated space.

This is an opportunity to start your own experiences with your foods. It is easy to try and will provide you with a feeling of self-accomplishment. Just do it!

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  1. This article is very interesting specially for people like me who own a little space in my Garden, It sounds spacious and economical. Need to try the tissue paper idea. Can’t wait for this experiment.

  2. Yes, it is very easy. You can try with any kind of tissue paper. Don’t forget to share your experience in our comment section.

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